Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hints, Cheats, Glitches and Unlockables

Super Mario Galaxy 2 Hints, Cheats, Glitches and Unlockables


Yoshi Infinite Flutters
  • Jump holding A and before you finish Fluttering (While still holding A) Press Z, then quickly release A, then Press A again. Rinse and repeat


Get 9999 ghosts to unlock all the Luigi ghosts.

Banker Toad's Items
The toad that banks your star bits will unlocks some items as you deposit more star bits. Those are not for Mario, he will simply use them himself.

Diver Toa - Deposit 6000 star bits
Explorer Toad - Deposit 8000 star bits
Glasses - Deposit 1000 star bits
Pickaxe - Deposit 4000 star bits
Spear and shield - Deposit 2000 star bits
The Perfect Run (Grandmaster Galaxy Daredevil Run) - Deposit 9999 star bits

Coconuts Turn Into Watermelons
Remember In The First Game Collecting 9999 Star Bits Turned All Coconuts Into Watermelons, Well, It's Back Again.

Coconuts Turn Into Watermelons - Collect 9999 Star Bits

Death Count
The Grandmaster Galaxy, which is the secret galaxy that can be unlocked after gathering both 120 normal stars and green stars, holds another secret. Once this final Star from the stage is acquired (The Perfect Run) you will be able to see your death count on your save file. You can now see how many times you died while playing the game.

Grandmaster Galaxy

Collect all 240 stars (Includes Normal Stars, Prankster Comet Stars, and Green Stars).

Grandmaster Galaxy - Complete the Green Star Challenge

Green Star Challenge
Collect all 120 stars and beat Bowser and you will get a new cutscene with Rosalina reading about the green star to her "children".

Green Star Challenge - Get 120 stars and beat Bowser

Play as Luigi in Any Level
Defeat Bowser at Bowser's Galaxy Generator for the first time, then check the Mail Toad for a message from him. Look for the L on the Spaceship, enter it, and then you become Luigi.

Secret World - Beat the game once.

Rosalina save file icon - Collect all 120 Power Stars and defeat Bowser again

Hints and Tips:

Infinite 1 Ups
Go to SuperMassive Galaxy. as you enter continue to the planet with the three giant koopas. (This is much easier with two people.) If you hold down one of the koopas and continue to jump on the koopa you will eventually start geting 1 ups. You can have up to 99 lives.