Marvel vs Capcom 3 Achievement Guide

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Achievement Guide

Arcade or Xbox Live

"Average Joe" 10G - "Land a Viewtiful Combo"

A Viewtiful Combo is a 31+ hit combo. A really simple method of getting this one is to use a char which has a multi hit super and just accomplish it on a low difficulty< in arcade mode. Deadpool is an excellent choice for this as his down->downfoward->forward + attack + attack (QCF+any two attack buttons that isnt the launcher "S" default is right trigger on the xbox controller) will do his gun super which hits for 40ish.

"Charles in Charge" 30G
"Land an Uncanny Combo"

The Uncanny Combo is the 91+ hit combo. For this one, you will require 3 bars of
super, and also the trio I used was Deadpool, Dante, and Ryu. Set Dante up for his
Crystal assist, and Ryu for his Haduken. Now when you've got all 3 bars, you'll
want to do the Crossover Combination, which can be accomplished by either pressing and
holding both assist buttons down, or default on the xbox controller just
pressing the LT. You can actually set the arcade mode on the easiest setting, and
lowest possible damage so you can build up your meter first without risking
them dying too early. You should get about a 93-95 hit combo from this.

"Brusin' Bruce" 20G
"Land an Incredible Combo"

An Incredible Combo is a 61+ hit combo. Now obtaining this one could be slighty
tricky however the simplest way is to have two chars that have multi hitting
supers and chain them together. This time i would use Deadpool and have Dante
as your second. Use the same gun super with Deadpool in arcade, and when the
hit counter hits about 40, do the same command you did for it (QCF + two
attacks) as long as you have atleast 2 bars when you start, Dante should
replace Deadpool and do his gun super netting you easily over 60.

"Comic Collector" 50G
"Unlock all items in the Gallery"

You have to get 100% in your Gallery to get this one. To accomplish this you need to
view all the endings with each character, and play on every level. The part that
I missed at 1st is that you simply have to lose to the last boss and not proceed to
view his ending and thus acquiring it in the Galler.

"Need a Healing Factor" 10G
"Win a match without blocking"

Pretty easy to understand; just win a match without blocking a single attack.
Over and over again you can play on the lowest difficulty and set the damage as
high or low as you would like, to make it easier on yourself.

"Steel Battalion" 20G
"Block 100 times"

You really should be getting this one really at the start of the game
. Just block a total of 100 times,this does not need to be in
a single match, as the counter carries over.

"Wreak "Havok"" 10G
"Use X-Factor in a match"

Just one more of those easy ones providing you understand how to use X-Factor.
Merely press all 4 attack buttons at the same time (L + M + H + S) and
this achievement is all yours.

"A Hero Stands Alone" 10G
"Win a match without calling your partners or switching out"

If this one is difficult, you can just lower the difficulty of arcade and get
it that way. Make absolutely certain you don't use any assists or die, as dying counts
as switching to a partner.

"Excelsior!" 10G
"Perform 10 Team Aerial Combos"

To pull off a team aerial combo, you have to have atleast one other partner
still alive,you then have to launch the enemy into the air with "S" (default
on the xbox controller is the A button) then you can hit "S" again along with
any direction, and your partner should come out and switch with you; while
carrying a combo and giving you a Team Aerial Combo. Just do this 10 times.

"Turn The Tables" 10G
"Land a Team Aerial Counter in a match"

This one is quite simple. All you need to do is counter a team aerial done by
your opponent. The way you counter it is by pressing forward + "S" (the A
button by default on the xbox controller.

"One Step Ahead" 30G
"Land 50 First Attacks in a match"

Get the first hit in 50 different matches. This one is
easy and you will eventually just get it as you play the game more.

"Be Gone!" 10G
"Perform 10 Snap Backs"

To do a snap back you need atleast 1 bar of super, and your enemy
needs to have atleast 2 chars still alive. You then just press
forward + assist button (default on xbox is LB and RB) and it should switch
their current char with one of their partners. Just need to do this 10 times
and the achievement is yours.

"Ultimate Nullifier" 10G
"Perform 30 Successful Advancing Guards"

To pull off an Advancing Guard you've got to tap two attack buttons when an
enemy attack connects with your block, and it should push them back and give
you an Advancing Guard. Only need to do this 30 times.

"Back at 'Cha!" 10G
"Perform 10 successful Crossover Counters"

You will require a partner still alive, and atleast 1 bar of the gauge to pull
this off. To perform a Crossover Counter, you need to block an enemy attack
and the moment they connect with your block, you press forward + assist
(once again default on xbox controller is LB or RB depending on which partner
you want) and your partner should come out and use their assist, and you will
switch to them. Do this 10 times for the achievement.

"Big Bang Theory" 30G
"Perform 30 Hyper Combo Finishes"

The Hyper Combo Finish is where you kill your opponents last char with a
super, it may be any super so its not too hard to do online or playing
arcade mode. 30 times and you are done.

"Galactic Smasher" 40G
"Perform 30 Crossover Finishes"

To complete the Crossover Finish, you'll need atleast one partner alive, and have
atleast 2 bars of your gauge. You will want to kill your opponents last char
with a group special which may bed one by pressing both the assist buttons
(LB + RB by default or tapping the LT). I'm not fully sure if finish a match
with a Crossover Finish counts as a Hyper Combo Finish towards the achievement
so you may want to go for this one first to save you time.

"Mega Buster" 20G
"Use 1,000 Hyper Combo Gague bars"

Easy. Just keep utilizing your bars and you ought to eventually get this

"Weapon X" 15G
"Make a team composed of Weapon-X test subjects, and win a match"

For this one you just need to make a team with Wolverine, Deadpool, and X-23
and win a match.

"Darkstalkers" 15G
"Make a team consisting of those who dwell in the darkness, and win a match"

Make a team with Felicia, Hsien-Ko, and Morrigan and win a match.

"Badds to the Bone" 15G
"Make a team of three who have altered their bodies, and win a match"

The team you will need this time around is M.O.D.O.K, Spencer, and Ironman and
then win a match.

"Female Flyers" 15G
"Make a team composed of women who can fly, and win a match"

For this team you will requireStorm, Pheonix, and Morrigan and simply win a

"Avengers Assemble!" 15G
"Make a team composed of the Big 3 and win a match"

The big 3 would be Captain America, Thor, and Ironman. Win a match and profit.

Xbox Live Only

"Brave New World" 10G
"Participate in any mode on Xbox Live"

Simple, just play on a match on any mode on xbox live.

"Copy This!" 20G
"Put an end to this game of spider and fly in a Xbox LIVE match."

Just be either Spiderman or Taskmaster, and play against the opposite. Does not mater if you win or lose
the match. You'll be able to play on any mode in xbox live, so you're able to do it with a
friendif you wish to. The two of you will get the achievement.

"Whose Side Are You On?" 20G
"Bring about an end to the Civil War in a Xbox LIVE Match."

For this one you need to be either Captain America, or Ironman and play
against the opposite. Yet again, you can do this on any mode on Live, so
you can do it with a friend. And stil lthe two of you will get the achievement
regardless of who wins or loses.

"Fate of Two Worlds" 20G
"Make a match on Xbox LIVE between the marquee characters for this game a

Wolverine or Ryu, and play against the one you are not. Can be achieved on any
mode on Live, and the two of you will still get the achievement regardless of who

"Fate of the Satsui no Hadou" 20G
"Decide who is the true master of the fist in a Xbox Live match."

I have no idea what the Satsui no Hadou is, but what Ican say for certain is you will
want to either be Ryu or Akuma for this one, and play against the opposite.
You will need to unlock Akuma first if you would like to get it using him. Once
again it can be done on any mode on Live, and both players will get the

"Duty and Deus Ex Machina" 20G
"Make a match on Xbox Live between a national hero and a killing machine a

This one you'll have to either be Captain America or M.O.D.O.K. and play
against the other. Just like the rest of the achievements like this one, you can
play on any mode on Xbox Live, and it is irrelevant who wins or loses, as
both players will recieve it.

"Raccoon City Incident" 20G
"Settle things between former S.T.A.R.S. members in a Xbox LIVE Match."

Either be Chris or Wesker, and play against the opposite. Again winning or
losing does not make a difference, and it can be done on any mode on Live. Still doesn't
matter who wins or loses.

"Who will Answer the Call?" 10G
"Participate in an 8 player Lobby on Xbox LIVE"

You may either get 7 other people and all just create a lobby and start
inviting people, or you can look for a lobby, and specify that you want it
to allow 8 people. Just go into the lobby and its yours.

"Full Roster" 40G
"Battle against all characters in a Xbox Live match"

You will get this as you play increasingly more on Xbox Live, but if you want
it quicker you can just join a friend and keep picking different characters
until you've played against them all, since it does not matter what mode on
live you do this on.

"Combat Specialist" 30G
"In Ranked match, surpass the "1st" class rank, or fight someone who has"

For this one you need to play against or become the "1st" rank
in ranked matches. There is no need to beat the person, just play against them.
I think it is the 13th rank.

"Playtime Is Over" 10G
"Surpass the rank of Amateur"

This one has to be a ranked match, and the instant you become an Amateur, you
will get this achievement. I'm pretty sure win or lose your first match and
you will automaticaly become an Amateur. It is the second rank.

"Leading the Charge" 30G
"Surpass the rank of Fighter."

One more of the ranked match achievents.With this one you have to become
the 'Fighter' rank, which is the 4th rank I believe. Just keep at the ranked
matches and you will get this one eventually.

"School for the Gifted" 15G
"Get a 5 game win streak in Ranked Match."

Win 5 ranked match games in a row and you got it..

Mission Mode

"Welcome to Avengers Academy!" 10G
"Clear 80 missions in Mission mode."

Mission mode is a mode that can help you learn links and combos with specific
characters. Each char has 10 missions for you to perform. Just clear 80 total and
you got this one.

"Passed the Field Test" 20G
"Clear 160 missions in Mission Mode"

Same as the earlier achievement, however , you need 160 done for it.

"A New Avenger" 40G
"Clear 320 missions in Mission mode."

Clearing 320 of 360 missions will enable you to get this one. What this signifies thoughis that you may get this achievement
without doing the 10th mission for each char, but it still is incredibly challenging to do.

Arcade Only

"I buy the issues" 10G
"View one ending in Arcade Mode"

This one is pretty simple and easy to understand. Just beat the arcade mode on
any difficulty with as many continues as you require.

"Saving My Quarters" 20G
"Beat Arcade mode without using any continues"

Again you can accomplish this on any difficulty and you can set the damage higher or
lower if you want to make it go quicker or if you're having trouble
against the last boss.

"Herculean Task" 30G
"Beat Arcade mode on the hardest difficulty"

This one can be somewhat difficult if you are still learning the game, but you can
lower the damage if you want, and you are allowed to use as many continues
as you want.

"Waiting for the Trade" 50G
"View all the endings in Arcade mode"

This one is a time consuming one as you have to beat the Arcade mode with
everybody, and you also only get the ending for the character that lands the last blow
to the boss, so you have to beat it at least 36 times. This includes the
unlockable chars, but does not include the DLC chars that are going to come
out soon.

Any Mode

"World Warrior" 10G
"Earn 5,000 Player Points (PP)"

You receive PP for doing anything in this game, from playing arcade, to doing
missions, to fighting in training mode, and playing on xbox live, ranked or
vs player. Its easiest to play arcade, as you get about 2k per run through it
even on the easiest difficulty.

"Super Turbo Brawler" 50G
"Earn 100,000 Player Points (PP)."

Same as the last two, you just need 100k this time.

"Passport to Beatdown Country" 10G
"Fight in all of the stages"

Just play on every stage.

"Champion Edition Hero" 30G
"Earn 30,000 Player Points (PP)"

Identical to the previous ones, you will easily get this while attempting to unlock everyones
endings or just by playing online. Earn 30k and get 30G.

"Master of Fate" 50G
"Unlock all achievements"

Get every other achievement in the game and you'll get this one as