Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tips

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tips

Here are some Marvel vs Capcom 3 tips. If you would like to submit your own tips, post a comment below. Thank you for visiting and for your hint submissions!
  • Dante/Hulk/Amatersu Tips
Amaterasu, while proper utilization requires using all of his forms, can really own most of the time by just being in Fire form (the one you always start with). 6H can extend to like 3 more hits if you keep pressing H. H while in the air for an air combo can be used 3 times in succession. While these aren't the greatest tips, they alone are enough to be very annoying without knowing many advanced combos.

Hulk you really don't have to do much with. His Missions include some very easy and solid combos. At the same time, you can easily poop all over opponents by landing H and following up with either a special move, hyper combo, or S into an air combo. He gets zoned pretty easy so if you can manage at times, do Gamma Wave by charging 4 then 6 H so it extends quickly to the other side of the screen.

Dante you'll have to experiment with until you find what you like. His Missions will not help in that respect. But there are many different ways to be successful with him.
  • Practice Makes Perfect
Just keep practicing, if you cannot do one characters mission move on to another, by the time you get back you'd have had some more practice. I started mission mode on Saturday and have gone through everyone's, now I'm going back through them to finish one's I couldn't before.

It requires perserverance, video's will not help due to the fact they will only show the final result and not the work that went in to getting that result.
  • Tips for Getting Better
Practice your main's combos in training mode so that you can do them consistently. If you can't hit them most of the time, you need to go back to the drawing board. As for defense, there isn't much I can give tips about there. Defense is usually something that you learn through playing several matches against difficult high and low mixup characters. By going online, you're throwing yourself to the lions, but you will eventually learn what hits high and low, and how to block crossup attempts. If you can, go to training mode and practice attacks on a dummy and make them block. That way, you will know what attacks your opponent will use with that character and how to block it.

And most importantly, practice a patience game. Spammers like to feel in control by overwhelming people by throwing everything out there. If you rush in recklessly, it may or may not work. But if you take your time and set up a gameplan, it will do wonders at punishing them.
  • Some More Tips For Getting Better
1. Get yourself informed.

2. Familiarize yourself with all your characters' moves and the game mechanics by just playing the game.

3. Execution practice. Make sure you can do everything consistently. Specials. Combos. Practice it till you are 100% confident about your execution.

4. During a match, you should always be thinking. If someone is spamming, think of ways to get around it. Where are the openings? What options do your characters have?

5. Repeat steps 1-4.

Have any of your own Marvel vs Capcom 3 tips or hints? Please post them in the comments below. Thanks for vistiting!