Sim City 5 Petition

Everyone knows online petitions don't usually work...but that doesn't mean we can't try. The petition for Sim City 5 is up and already has 3,100 signatures.

You can sign the Sim City 5 petition here.

Here is a list of things people have suggested that Sim City 5 could have:

- Improved Graphics
- Ease of game play for those new to inexperienced to the franchise
- Adviser to help new gamers build dream city from scratch
- Can be toggled on/off
Online Capabilities
Improved Transportation Options
- Light Rail
- Bus Rapid Transit
- High Speed Rail
- Bridge-Tunnel Connections
- Canals
- Road/Rail Bridges
- Major roads and highways can be built underground
- Zoneable seaports/airports
- Bridges can be built at and angle
Subterranean Network
- Metro Stations, high density Commercial Office/Residential, Parking Garages, & plazas connected via walkways
- Universities
- Parks (National, Amusement)
- Mixed use areas (Residential/Commercial)
- Boroughs/Prefectures/Districts/Communities
- College towns
- Casino Districts
- Research Parks
- Gated Communities
- Downtown
Civic Options
- More precise school districts
- Insurance in case of natural disaster
- Government Hierarchy
Nation>Region>Metro Area/County>City/Town
- Designated Climate Zones for Nation
- Seasons
- Weather
- Natural Disasters (ex. tropical storm/hurricane for coastal cities)
Compatibility with "The Sims 3"