The Witcher 2 Mods List

The Witcher 2 Mods List

Here is a Witcher 2 mod list complied by Xealot42, click each link to go to the download page for the mod. If you would like to add a mod to this list, please contact us. Thank you for your contributions.

Combat Rebalance Mod

Ability & Mutagen Mods

Alchemy and Crafting Mods

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Combat Mods

Inventory Mods

Item & Enhancement Mods

Quest Mods

Texture Replacement Mods

User Interface Mods

Other Mods


Helpful Links

- Witcher mod database, lots of great mods can be found here.

Leave a comment if you see any Witcher 2 mods not listed here. Thanks again to Xealot42 for compiling this list.