Minecraft Mod: Mo' Creatures

Minecraft Mo Creatures Mod

Mo' Creatures Minecraft mod by DrZhark.

Description: Mo' Creatures adds a lot of new enemies and other creatures to Minecraft. The complete list of creatures that the mod adds is as follows: Crocodiles, turtles, scorpions, cats, mice, rats, deer, big cats, little fish, dolphins, sharks, werewolves, bears, wolves, polar bears, wraiths, flame wraiths, ogres, fire ogres, cave ogres, ducks, boars, bunnies, birds, foxes, and horses! (As well as a few others.)

Download Mo' Creatures from MinecraftForum


Installing Mo' Creatures:

1. Download the Mo' Creatures mod 
2. Download ModLoader, AudioMod, GUI Api and CustomMobSpawner (all required), 
3. Open .minecraft/bin folder (how to find your minecraft folder)
4. Open Minecraft.jar using Winrar, or another similar program.
5. Delete the META INF folder located inside.
6. Drag the mod loader, AudioMod, GUI Api and custommobspawner files into Minecraft.jar one by one (make sure you install these mods BEFORE Mo' Creatures.)
7. Go back to the .minecraft folder and drag the Mo' Creatures.zip file files into it
8. Unzip the MoCreatures file inside that folder
9. Close all windows and open Minecraft.

Mac Installation:

Fixing the blackscreen issues on Mac

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.: How do I get off my horse?
A.: Press the 'shift' key

Q.: I only want to have xxx mob and not the others, can I?
A.: Use the in-game menu to adjust the spawn rates for each individual mob. You can deactivate any mob by setting its frequency to 0

Q.: I can't tame/ride a horse
A.: Make sure you're using the right saddle and follow the previous instructions on how to tame horses

Q.: I get a black screen when installing the mod
A.: Did you forget to delete the META-INF folder as in step 4?

Q.: Does this work for SMP?
A.: glad you asked: it does!

Q.: The lions and bears are bipeds!!
A.: You either did not install the Mod Loader or you installed another mod that conflicted with mine (i.e. a non Mod Loader mod)

Q.: How to install Audiomod?
A.: put all the contents of the Audiomod In the root folder of minecraft.jar. Make sure it is overwriting the files (some mac users will have trouble with files not being overwritten).

Q.: How to install ModLoader?
A.: put all the contents of ModLoader (files and folders) in the root folder of minecraft.jar. same as above

Q.: My game crashes when a get near a lion/bear/wolf/wraith
A.: please ensure that you installed the (.ogg) sound files correctly

Q.: I can't get the sounds to work! / My game crashes when I add the sounds
A.: make sure you have the latest version of Audiomod and that the sound files are in the right place

Q.: I installed the mod but don't see any of the new creatures.
A.: Wait one Minecraft day, and walk around, you should find them

Q.: I waited and walked around and still see no creatures. I can hear voices and there are invisible creatures in my game
A.: you did not install the .png files in the right place, follow the instructions again

Q.: Can you do xxxx mob for me?
A.: You're welcome to post your ideas/suggestions, I have a list of mobs to do...

Q.: Does this work for Mac computers?
A.: It does.

Q.: What program do you use to make the mobs?
A.: I code the mod directly into java. I don't use any program for 3d modelling

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