Skyrim Crafting Tutorial Locations

Skyrim Crafting Tutorial Locations

Looking to get started with crafting but don't know how? There are three crafts you can use in Skyrim, Blacksmithing, Enchanting and Alchemy. Each of these has their own crafting tutorial NPCs which will help you start crafting.

Below are locations of the tutorial givers and their tasks.

Alchemy Crafting Tutorial

The following alchemists will teach you how to make a basic potion in Skyrim.

Location: Grave Concotions, Falkreath.
Task: Make a potion.

Location: Sleeping Giant Inn, Riverwood.
Task: Make a potion.

Location: Arcadia's Cauldron, Whiterun.
Task: Make a potion.

Blacksmithing Crafting Tutorial

The following smiths with teach you how to make a dagger and sharpen it. They will also teach you how to tan some leather, make a helm and temper it.

Adrianne Avenicci 
Location: Warmaiden's, Whiterun Blacksmiths.
Task: Smithing.

Location: Alvor and Sigrid's House, Riverwood Blacksmiths.
Task: Smithing.

Enchantment Crafting Tutorial

Learn how to use the arcane enchanter.

Farengar Secret-Fire
Location: Dragonreach, whiterun. (first floor)
Task: Enchant something using the arcane enchanter.

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