Skyrim Houses / Properties Locations

Skyrim Houses Locations

Here is a list of the houses / properties you can buy in Skyrim.

How to buy a house: To buy a house you must first win the trust of the Jarl in the town of your choice.

Complete any quests or favors they asign you until you earn their friendship and then you will be able to buy a house in that town.

Benefits of owning a house:
  • Storage for any weapons, armor, items, materials or anything else you don't have room for in your inventory.
  • The ability to meet your housecarl or spouse in your house at any time.
  • A bed to sleep in so you can get "Well Rested".
  • The ability to decorate the house as well as display any weapons, armor or items you find.

List of houses and properties:


Location: Whiterun
Price: 5,000 Gold

This house can only be bought after completing the “Bleak Falls Barrow Quest” for the Jarl who will grant the player the right to buy a house in the city. (Part of the main quest) To buy the house, you need to talk to Steward Proventus Avenicci who is standing next to the Jarl in Dragonreach. The house includes a chest for you to store your items as well as a bed.


Location: Riften
Price: 8000 Gold


Location: Windhelm
Price: 12000 Gold
Note: In order to be able to purchase Hijerim, you must first complete the first part of the quest: "Blood on the Ice".

Vlindrel Hall

Location: Markarth
Price: 8000 Gold

Proudspire Manor

Location: Solitude
Price: 25000 Gold


There are also some shelters that you can buy in the game after completing the quest or condition.

Home of the Blades
Location: ?
Questline: Main Quest

Location: Whiterun
Questline – Complete all the quests in Whiterun.

Arch-Mage’s Quarters
Location: College of Winterhold
Questline – Complete all the quests in College of Winterhold.

Dawnstar Sanctuary
Location: Dawnstar
Questline – Complete all the quests in Dawnstar.

Apprentice’s Quarters
Location: College of Winterhold
Questline – Join College of Winterhold.

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