Skyrim Innkeeper Locations

Skyrim Innkeeper Locations

The innkeepers in Skyrim are very useful. There is a random chance that an innkeeper will point you towards the start of a quest. There is a chance that this quest will be either a regular Side Quest, Bounty Quest (repeatable.) or a Daedric Quest. Innkeepers can also provide you with contact to the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild.

Below is the list of all the innkeepers in Skyrim and where they can be found.

Innkeeper: Faida
Location: Haafungar
Settlement: Dragon Bridge
Inn / Taven: Four Shields Tavern.

Innkeeper: Corpulus Vinius
Location: Haafingar
Settlement: Solitude
Inn / Taven: The Winking Skeever

Innkeeper: Wilhelm
Location: The Rift
Settlement: Ivarstead
Inn / Taven: Vilemyr Inn

Innkeeper: Keerava
Location: The Rift
Settlement: Riften
Inn / Taven: The Bee and Barb

Innkeeper: Dagur
Location: Winterhold
Settlement: Winterhold
Inn / Taven: The Frozen Hearth

Innkeeper: Hulda
Location: Whiterun
Settlement: Whiterun
Inn / Taven: The Bannered Mare

Innkeeper: Eydis
Location: The Reach
Settlement: Old Hroldan
Inn / Taven: Old Hroldan Inn

Innkeeper: Valga Vincia
Location: Falkreath
Settlement: Falkreath
Inn / Taven: Dead Man's Drink

Innkeeper: Iddra
Location: Eastmarch
Settlement: Kynesgrove
Inn / Taven: The Braidwood Inn

Innkeeper: Kleppr
Location: The Reach
Settlement: Markarth
Inn / Taven: The Silver-Blood Inn

Innkeeper:  Mralki
Location: Whiterun
Settlement: Rorikstead
Inn / Taven: The Frostfruit Inn

Innkeeper: Thoring
Location: The Pale
Settlement: Dawnstar
Inn / Taven: Windpeak Inn

Innkeeper: Hadring
Location: The Pale
Settlement: Nightgate Inn
Inn / Taven: Nightgate Inn

Innkeeper: Ekda Early-Dawn
Location: Eastmarch
Settlement: Windhelm
Inn / Taven: Candlehearth Hall

Innkeeper: Jonna
Location: Hjaalmarch
Settlement: Morthal
Inn / Taven: Moorside Inn

Innkeeper:  Orgnar
Location: Whiterun
Settlement: Riverwood
Inn / Tavern: Sleeping Giant Inn
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