Skyrim Mod: Flora Overhaul

Skyrim Flora Overhaul mod by Vurt.

Description: Skyrim Flora Overhaul is a WIP mod project dedicated to overhauling the Skyrim flora.

Once export/import tools are available new models will be added to the landscape.


Hi-res textures for the following trees:

  • Aspen (new bark and branches)
  • Green Pines (new bark and branches, several varietes to choose from.)
  • Snowy Pines (new bark and branches)


The folder names are self-explationary.

Simply drag/drop the "data" folder into your "The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim" folder.

Special notice if you install the pine branch textures:

Set the view distance for trees to max, preferably edit the .ini to go beyond the max setting (google for a guide, there are tons out there).

The textures comes with recolored LOD textures. Make sure you remove those textures if you want to uninstall the mod. To remove the LOD files search for *treelod and remove all 4 files.

Some recommendations to make this mod look and run better:

FXAA Post Process Injector

My recommended Nvidia Inspector settings:

4GB Skyrim - seems to make the game more stable.

Feel free to post suggestions, constructive critisim or questions in the comments section.

I hope you enjoy the mod.