Skyrim Mod: Realistic Rain Ripples

Realistic Rain Ripples Skyrim Mod by isoku.

Description: Better rain ripples. Original rain ripple resolution was 512x512, this version is 2048x2048 and a medium version at 1024x1024. You can test this mod by going to a body of water and typing "sw c8220" in the console to make it rain, or just wait for it to rain.

In order to see rain ripples one must be outdoors. Not all bodies of water are capable of displaying rain ripples, which is a fault of the game.


Download from SkyrimNexus

Extract "Data" folder from 7zip file and place in [...]\steamapps\common\skyrim folder.

Updating the mod:
Extract "Data" folder from 7zip file and place in [...]\steamapps\common\skyrim folder and overwrite everything.


Delete the following files: in data\textures\water.