Xbox 360 Battlefield 3 Sales Top PS3 and PC Combined!

EA recently announced that Battlefield 3 sold more than 5 million copies during its first week. Additional data from third party sales trackers has revealed the breakdown of how many units each platform sold.

The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 3 has taken a considerable lead by outselling the PS3 and PC versions. Here are the stats:

Xbox 360: 2.2 million sold
PlayStation 3: 1.5 million sold
PC: 500,000 sold

Note that this does not account digital sales, so the PC version numbers are probably much higher.

As for the amount of people playing Battlefield 3 online, reports the following numbers:

PC online: 49,905
PS3 online: 70,597
360 online: 107,702

On a side note, it has been reported that the Physical Warfare pack for Battlefield 3 will be available to all players in the future and will not be exclusive to a certain platform.