3 Custom Modern Warfare 3 Playlists that are a Must

Below are 3 fun playlists that should be implemented into the game as soon as possible.

1. Quickscoping
A lot of people hate it but a lot of people also love it. If they put this playlist in, all the people who love it can go quickscope in this playlist. The people who hate it don't have to and will end up having to deal less with quickscopers. Everyone wins.

2. Michael Myers
This is a very famous gametype that a lot of people know. In my version, one person is michael myers and all he can use is a tac-knife. He then has to hunt down the other players, who can't use any weapons. When there is one survivor left, he can also try to kill michael myers. If he kills michael myers, he should get some bonus exp. Also, I think michael myers could have some kill streaks, but only ones like UAV or AUAV.

3. Zombies
Ok, this is not going to be like nazi zombies and the people will not look like zombies. In this game mode, there will be a set amount of survivors and zombies. The survivors have spaz shotguns and some flash grenades. The zombies can only use tac-knives only. Once a survivor is killed, he joins the zombie team and has to kill the other survivors.

List by jickyam. Have any other playlists you think would be good? Please post them in the comments section below.