Improve Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Performance on PS3

Improve Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Performance on PS3

Bethesda has offered three performance tips for those still having issues with the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim lagging. The three tips are:
  1. Turn off the auto saving feature
  2. Cleare space on your hard drive
  3. Wait for some time to pass.

Having at least 2 GB of free space will help the PS3 hard drive work more efficiently.

"The more space you free up, the better results you will get," Bethesda added.

There is also another way to help with the PS3 performance issues in Skyrim, check it out below:

"Restore File System - Attempts to repair all areas on the hard disk drive where files can be saved. Corrupted data may be erased, which can help performance.

If you choose not to enter Safe Mode, you can manually delete corrupted saves within the XMB menu. Go to Games>Saved Game Utility. Within the menu, delete any corrupted save files. These files can be created from Skyrim and other games when a game doesn’t save properly (shutting down the console before an autosave completes, etc).

Rebuild Database - Will help with memory fragmentation on the PS3 HDD.

Note: Using Rebuild Database will erase messages, playlists, changes made on [Information] screens, trimming information for pictures in [Photo], video thumbnails, video playback history and video resume information. The content that is erased will not be recoverable."

Sony said that it does not recommend using the Safe Mode options unless you are experiencing lag with the PS3, as some options may lead to data loss.