Minecraft Mod: Animal Bikes

Minecraft Mod: Animal Bikes

Animal Bikes mod for Minecraft by Noppes.

Description: This amazing mod for Minecraft allows you to summon animals which give you many different abilities  Examples include a dragon that lets you to fly, an ender that lets you teleport, a pug that lets you run really fast, and many others.


Download Animal Bikes from MinecraftForum

  • Locate your .minecraft folder
  • Run minecraft (don't login)
  • Press options
  • Click the link to Game location on disk
  • Download Modloader(link is above)
  • Download ModloaderMp Client(link is above)
  • Open .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar with winrar(or something similar)
  • Extract all files from ModLoader.zip and ModLoaderMp.zip into the minecraft.jar
  • Delete the META-INF in the minecraft.jar
  • Run minecraft and login to test if it is working so far
  • A folder .minecraft/mods should have been create when you ran it
  • Place the animalbikes.zip in there (don't unzip it)
  • You now have installed the AnimalBikes Mod
Server Installation:
  • Download a clean minecraft_server.jar from minecraft.net
  • Place it in a folder (not in .minecraft)
  • Download ModloaderMp Server(link is above)
  • Open minecraft_server.jar with winrar(or something similar)
  • Extract all files from ModLoaderMp Server.zip into minecraft_server.jar
  • Run the minecraft_server.jar to see if everything works so far and close it again.
  • It should have created a mods folder
  • Download the AnimalBikes Server.zip and place it inside the mods folder (don't unzip it)
  • Run Server again and you should now have it installed

Animal Bikes Mod 1.0.0 Videos from Youtube:

Animal Bike Mod 1.0.0 Recipes

  • Can fly (can be disabled in .minecraft/config/mod_AnimalBike.cfg)
  • Go up by pressing spacebar
  • Go down by pressing left shift
  • Breathes fire by right clicking it with Flint and Steel
  • Terrain burning can be turned on in the .minecraft/config/mod_AnimalBike.cfg
    Posted Image

  • Jumps 2 block high
  • 20% chance to summon a baby cow which walks 30% slower
  • If you feed it a red mushroom it turns into a Mooshroom
    Posted Image

  • Teleports with spacebar
  • Can step one block high
  • Can teleport only once every 5 seconds
  • Always teleports forwardish with a 24 block range and max 15 up or down
  • Cant teleport while in water
  • Gets hurt in water
    Posted Image

  • Runs very fast
  • Never stops
  • 20% chance to summon a baby pig which walks 30% slower
    Posted Image

  • Slightly faster than cows
  • 20% chance to summon a baby sheep which walks 30% slower
    Posted Image

  • Climbs walls
  • Slower than cows
    Posted Image

  • Slighty faster than player walk speed
  • Slowfall and doesnt take fall damage
  • 20% chance to summon a baby chicken which walks 30% slower
    Posted Image

  • Slow speed on land
  • Fast speed in water
    Posted Image

  • Same speed as cows
  • Attacks anything that attacks you or him
  • Attacks hostile mobs a 10 block radius
  • Randomly attacks nearby sheep
  • Won't attack anything if you have a bone in your hand
    Posted Image

  • Explodes when nearly dead
  • 20% chance on summoning a charged creeper which has a huge explosion
  • To turn on terrain destruction change NerfCreeper to false in .minecraft/config/mod_AnimalBike.cfg
    Posted Image

  • Contains 52 different ponies
  • Has the 3 different kinds of ponies
    • If a ground pony walks over dirt it turns into grass and it has random flowers spawning where it walks
    • When an unicorn pony walks it has rainbow glitters
    • Pegasus ponies can fly (can be disabled in .minecraft/config/mod_AnimalBike.cfg)
    • Alicorn ponies do all the above

    Posted Image

  • Saddles can be stacked in stacks of 8
  • To create a saddle you need 3 rawhide, 1 string and 1 iron bar
    Posted Image
  • To create the saddle you need rawhide, which is made from 9 leather
    Posted Image
  • You can get extra leather by cooking rotten flesh in a furnace
    Posted Image

  • You can disable all bikes
  • You can disable the saddle recipe
  • You can turn on Creeper Bike explosion terrain damage
  • You can turn on Dragon Bike fire terrain burning
  • You can turn on bike player damage sharing

Animal Bikes Minecraft Mod 1.0.0 Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you add a ridable Creeper, Skeleton, Zombie pig or enderman?
I won't add them, simply because they aren't animals. If you can model them to be like animals I will probably add them. Otherwise no I won't

XXX's models are really good can you add them?
Be more specific: Which of his models do you want added? Why do you think it would be good? What kind of ability should I give it? 

I want to create models for you. What do I do?
Use Techne and send me your model + a screenshot. You will ofcourse be given full credits for them.

Omg why ponies?
I understand you might not like the mlp show and that is fine and all, but you can't deny that the ponies are cute and that's the reason why I added them. I think the ponies are cute. Before posting about this watch this vid first. Thank you.

Why don't you use the ender egg to create the Dragon bike?
We have no idea what notch is gonna do with the egg and getting the egg with a piston is probably a bug. Also you get only one egg in smp right? So Im going to stick with obsidian for now.

Will there be bukkit support?
Once bukkit and modloadermp for bukkit update I might see if I can make it compatible

Why am I getting an End of Stream error when I play on my server?
You either didnt install ModloaderMp server or AnimalBikes server correctly. Please note that ModloaderMp Server and ModloaderMP Client are 2 different files. Same goes for AnimalBikes and AnimalBikes Server. If you follow the installation instructions it should work.