Skyrim Mod: Character Enhancement

Skyrim Mod: Character Enhancement

Character Enhancement Skyrim mod by Xenius.

Description: Adds more detail to skin of faces and bodies

  • Gets rid of angular shapes caused by compressed object space normal maps
  • Adds a lot more detail to the eyes
  • Makes the fingernails more visible
  • Removes jagged edges from the lips

Download Character Enhancement:

Download from SkyrimNexus


Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files.
Move the Data folder to your Skyrim folder.

You can find the Skyrim folder here: Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim

To those who are new to using Elder Scrolls mods:

- You do not have to extract the .bsa archives. The folder provided by
this mod has the same structure as the inside of the .bsa archive, it will
override the textures that are included in the .bsa file.
- Do not worry about the Data folder that already exists, the folder provided
by this mod will be merged with the existing folder, it will not be overwritten.