Skyrim Mod: Immersive Thunder

Skyrim Mod: Immersive Thunder

Immersive Thunder Skyrim mod by wordee.

Description: This mod changes the vanilla Skyrim storm sound effects by making them more immersive.

Full list of changes:

1) All rain sound effects have been cleaned up and thunder sound effects added.

2) All thunder sound effects have been replaced with crisper,clearer and louder effects making for a more immersive gaming experience.

3) Storm Call has had it's sound effects changed to much louder more realistic sounds as well. A big improvement here. I've also removed the silent
gap at the beginning of the near sound effects so you here it immediately when lightning strikes close.

4) Unrelenting Force has been given a boost to it's sound effects. Instead of just the shout and some muffled thunder, you get 4 new thunder shouts. These will be most apparent when inside a cave or dwelling as it is quiter compared to out of doors. To obtain different thunder effects, try holding your key in, tapping it etc. I've found this to cycle the thunder for me when using this shout.

5) The drizzle rain file has had a new thunder clap added as well as a low distant rumble.

6) All the rain files are correct and heavy and medium rain are not mixed up :)

7)By looping the rain files and removing the bass line, i achieved a much clearer sound. Also, i slowly added different thunder effects to the main rain
files. By doing this, you will receive more of a variety of thunder sounds rather than just the one thunder file the game decides to replay everytime lightning strikes.

8) Delays are present in V4 as they were in V2 and V3. I tweaked them a bit in V4.


Download Immersive Skyrim Thunder from SkyrimNexus


1. Drop the sound folder into your Skyrim data folder.