Skyrim Texture Mod: Nightingale Prime Armor

Skyrim Texture Mod: Nightingale Prime Armor

Nightingale Prime Armor Skyrim texture replacer mod by satyr Zerofrost.

Description: This Skyrim Mod replaces the Nightingale Armor with high resolution version textures.


Download Nightingale Prime Armor from SkyrimNexus

Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file into your Skyrim game folder. (Make sure you extract the folders as well.

Uninstallation: Delete all extracted files.

Important Folder Issue Fix

I was being hasty and forgot to include the nightingale folder in the "armor" one. To fix this

1. Just extract the zip file as it is

2. Go to Data\textures/ directory and create a folder named "Armor" .There is the "nightingale" folder next to it ,pick it up and drop it inside the armor folder you just created.

3. Pick the whole data folder and paste it your Skyrim Game directory and done!