Skyrim Texture Pack: High Res Landscape Textures

Skyrim Texture Pack: High Res Landscape Textures

High Resolution Landscape Skyrim Texture Pack by xclear - gorefest 2011.

Description: This mod re textures most of the landscape textures to 1024 or 2048 depending on your rig specs. 90% of the textures are brand new, a few are re-used from previous texture packs.

This is my first texture mod and a work in progress. Hopefully I will do more when I get the time/can be arsed. The 2048 pack runs well on my oldish machine so I would go with that for you first choice.


Download Skyrim High Res Landscape Texture Pack from SkyrimNexus


1. Extract.
2. Put the folder "textures" into your steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data folder.
3. Play & enjoy.

Anybody using this pack or any other pack witch adds high resolution textures should first download and install this mod: 4GB Skyrim


Thanks to gorefest2011 for his support and work for this mod
Credit for the road texture goes to chris2012