Sonic CD Launch Trailer

Sonic CD Launch Trailer

The wait is finally over, check out this new Sonic CD launch trailer. Re-live the story of the 1993 original Sonic CD in which Dr. Eggman attempts to take control of time by stealing the Time Stones from Little Planet. Sonic must recover the Time Stones to save Amy Rose.

This revamped version of Sonic CD will also include the original Japanese and US soundtracks and the ability to play as Tails. Tails can be unlocked by clearing the game for the first time. The trailer, platform details and release dates can be found below.

Sonic CD will be available on the following platforms:

XBLA – December 14, 2011 (400 MSP)

PSN – December 14, 2011 in Europe, December 20, 2011 in North America ($5.00 / £3.59/ €4.49 / AUD$6.25)

iOS – (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) – December 15, 2011 ($4.99/ € 3.99/£2.99/AUD$5.49)

Android – December 14, 2011

Windows Phone – Early 2012

PC – date coming soon!