Prototype 2 Tips

Prototype 2 Tips

Here are some Prototype 2 hints and tips. Post a comment below if you would like to submit your own hints or tips. Thanks for your contributions.

Advice on what NOT to spend your Level-Up points on:

As most of you may know, the previous games currency system is gone - no more buying skills or attacks with EP. Instead, they switched to a skill tree system.

There are six skill trees which have to do with basic gameplay mechanics, each of which has four perks that you can unlock one after the other, except the sixth tree, which only has two perks. You get one point to put in to any tree you like each time you level up.

First tree: Movement - Has to do with jump height, glide distance, running speed etc

Second tree: Health - Each tier upgrades maximum health

Third tree: Regeneration - Ability to regenerate health, then upgrade regeneration speed and whether or not it works in/out of combat

Fourth tree: Shapeshifting - Makes it easier to slip around unnoticed

Fifth tree: Mass - More Mass for Devastator attacks, and upgrade amount gained from consumption

Sixth tree: Finishers - Ability to destroy armor tanks and helicopters in one hit (Must mount vehicle first)

I advise everyone to completely ignore the Finishers tree and Shapeshifting tree, and instead focus on everything else. Finishers are pointless and more complicated and slower than a few swift attacks with the Hammerfists or Whipfist, and everything that the Shapeshifting tree makes easier is already pretty freaking easy.. Everything else can be upgraded in order determined by your skill and playstyle.

What is the level cap in Prototype 2?

The level cap in Prototype 2 is currently level 23 but it may be increased in future DLC.

How many total upgrades are in Prototype 2?

There are 22 different upgrades.

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