Terraria Tutorial: How to Create a Sprite of Any Image using just Paint

Here is a Terraria tutorial on how to create a sprite of any image you want just by using paint! (Usable for Terraria or any other reasons) Tutorial submitted by vinsentcloud. (Click each tutorial example image for the full size)

Step 1:

  • The first thing you want to do is find an image you want to pixelate
  • We will be using this image as an example:

Step 2: 
  • Open the image in paint, or any other image editing program that includes a gridline feature.
  • Once it's open, enable the gridline feature. (In paint you click View, then select Gridline) like so:

Step 3:
  • Now resize your image and make it as small as you can without distorting the image.

Step 4:
  • Now that your image is small you can use the enabled grid to replicate it into a even smaller gun.
  • Use the larger image as an example.
  • The dropper tool helps for coloration as well.

Step 5:

  • Now that we have our sprite, we can now customize and change it to our will. (add fire / water / electric / or other effects)

All done. Enjoy your new sprite making powers!