Next Fable Game "In Full production"

Next Fable Game In Full production

Two years ago, Telltale announced that it would create a new game based on the previous Fable games, since then there has been no news. This week however, CEO and co-founder Dan Connors gave a little preview of the upcoming title in an interview with IGN.

Connons hinted that the game is "in full production" and that more news will be announced soon. Looks like it won't be called "Fable 4"...


"We won’t be using the name Fables. We’re based on the property, but we’ll have a new name. We haven’t announced it yet. We’re still hammering it out. We want to make sure that people know it’s associated with the DC comic and Bill’s work and everything else. It’s delicate. But it won’t be called Fables.

With Fables, or the game associated with the comic Fables, it kind of… Walking Dead has had a huge impact on the company as far as how we look at things and how we do what we do. We’re taking a lot of what we learned from that and making sure that Fables can execute on the same things.

That’s taking longer. But we’re definitely in full production on it. We’re working hard. It’s coming together really well. We’ll probably have more to talk about on it pretty soon, with a name and everything else, in the near future."