Why Aren't Some Games Made in the West?

Here is Capcom's Chris Svensson on why some games are / aren't made in the west:

"Both [DmC Devil May Cry and Lost Planet 3], and some of the prior (like Bionic Commando) were driven by [Keiji] Inafune… now departed. You’d have to ask him but as I recall, the logic was something along the lines of ‘doing the same thing is going to get us the same results (if we’re lucky). Let’s try something from a different perspective.’ In some cases, a Western one.

In short, it’s unfortunate but sometimes there isn’t enough of an audience interested in the title to justify the costs (both actual and opportunity) of bringing a title to the West. Sometimes games aimed at a certain market are only viable in that particular market. There are games we’ve developed in the West that we haven’t brought to Japan for the same reasons.

And that’s just how it goes sometimes!" – Capcom’s Chris Svensson