Basic Dota 2 Breakdown and Beginner Explanation

Dota 2 Beginner Explanation

Basic Dota 2 Breakdown and Beginner Explanation by Purge. This is a great beginners guide for Dota.

Dota 2 is a game about teamwork, gaining experience, and gaining gold.

Ultimately you want to destroy the enemy team’s throne. The throne is deep inside their base and to get there, you have to beat down enemy creeps, enemy towers, and enemy heroes.

There are basic units spawned every 30 seconds from each of the three lanes. For most of the game there are 3 melee creeps and 1 ranged creep. Periodically a Catapult is added, and eventually in the game there are more melee and ranged creeps. Creeps also slowly gain max hp over the course of the game.

At early levels your heroes are very weak and cannot clear creep waves and towers by yourself. To get stronger you need items. To get items you need money.

You gain gold for getting the last hit on the heroes or creeps. When you land the final blow on an enemy creep (last hit or lh) you receive a random amount of gold for the kill(about 35-45 gold per creep). If you land the final blow on an allied creep(you can only attack allied creeps below 50% hp) then you deny your lane opponents the chance to last hit that creep, and THEY ALSO GET LESS EXP AS A RESULT. The amount of creeps you've killed in a game is called cs, or creep score.

You also get gold when your team destroys a tower(about 450-600 for a last hit on a tower, 200 if your teammates or team kills it, 100 if the enemy denies a tower). Your tower has to be below 10% hp to deny it. The magic number on lv. 1 towers is below 130 hp. If you deny a tower, you are denying your enemy team a total of 500-800 gold. That is a huge amount of gold.

KILLING CREEPS IS THE FASTEST WAY TO FARM WITH VERY FEW EXCEPTIONS. If you want to get farmed(get a lot of gold quickly) you want to last hit every single creep in each wave.

You gain experience when enemy creeps and heroes die around you, defeated by your team.

When you gain enough experience, you gain a level. You start at lv. 1, and the max is lv. 25.

Almost every single hero gets 3 basic skills, 1 ultimate(or ult), and the option for stats instead of levels. Each basic skill can be leveled up 4 times, each ultimate 3 times, and you can get 10 levels of stats by lv. 25. Each level of stats gives you +2 str, +2 agi, and +2 int. Stats will be explained later. Every hero has some kind of combos between each of his skills. Usually you can figure these out by reading the skills, sometimes it takes watching another player perform them.

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