God of War: Ascension Cheats, Codes and Secrets

God of War Ascension Cheats, Codes and Secrets

Here are some God of War: Ascension cheats, codes and secrets.

Unlockable Costumes

In order to unlock these costumes, first you need to complete the game, and then start on a New Game+ to unlock them all.

List of costumes unlocked

  • Battle Armor of Ares
  • Battle Armor of Zeus
  • Fury Armor
  • Kraken Armor
  • Olive Skin Kratos
  • Skorpian Armor
  • War Armor of Hadeds

Unlockable Titan Difficulty Mode

In order to unlock the Titan difficulty mode, you must first complete the game on Easy, Normal or Hard mode.

God of War: Ascension Trophies

There are 20 Bronze Trophies, 10 Silver Trophies, 5 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

Note: There are also 21 secret trophies.

Trophy TitleHow to get TrophyAward
Big SpenderUpgrade any Magic to the next levelBronze
Biting the Hand that Feeds You (secret)Defeat Megaera and the Titan HecatonchiresSilver
Blind Justice (secret)Use the Eyes of Truth successfullySilver
Blood Oath (secret)Complete the MP Training in OlympusBronze
Bond Broken (secret)Complete the GameGold
Bros before Foes (secret)Escape the Fury AmbushSilver
Can't Stop, Won't Stop. BadBoy! (secret)Perform a 1000 Hit ComboBronze
Champion of the GodsUnlock all TrophiesPlatinum
FireproofComplete the Screw of Archimedes without getting hit by the Fire TrapsSilver
Fully LoadedCompletely Upgrade KratosSilver
Gateway Gas (secret)Breathe the toxic gases within the Oracle's TempleBronze
Gotta Hand It To You (secret)Defeat the infected Hand of AegaeonBronze
HandymanReconstruct the Water Wheel of KirraBronze
Hello, Friend (secret)Use the Oath Stone of Orkos in Combat 10 TimesBronze
Hold Still Please (secret)Slow 100 Enemies with the Amulet of UroborusBronze
Hot Lunch (secret)Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a ManticoreBronze
If it ain't broke...Reconstruct all of the Decayed ChestsGold
Legendary Warrior (secret)Complete the game on Hard DifficultyGold
Light as a FeatherCollect all of the Phoenix FeathersSilver
Lubed upComplete the slide in the Statue of Apollo without dyingSilver
Maybe you should call a Doctor? (secret)Keep the Rage Meter Filled for 2+ MinutesSilver
Next time use the stairs (secret)Complete the Gauntlet of ArchimedesGold
No Drake. You can't have these.Collect all Artifacts in the gameGold
Open Minded (secret)Win the Buttonless MiniGame against a JuggernautBronze
Prison Break (secret)Free Kratos from his imprisonmentBronze
Quaid!!! (secret)Defeat PolluxSilver
Round and Round (secret)Solve the Rolling Crusher PuzzleBronze
Snakes on a Train (secret)Ride the snake back to the Tower of DelphiBronze
SwingerRing out an enemy with the ClubBronze
Tag Teamed (secret)Hit 100 Enemies with the Oath Stone of OrkosBronze
Tell Me How You Really FeelKill 25 Enemies using the Rage of the GodsBronze
That's Gonna Leave a MarkSpill 500 buckets of blood on KratosBronze
The Eyes have ItCollect all of the Gorgon EyesSilver
Tools of the TradeUse All 5 World Weapons in CombatBronze
Unleashed (secret)Throw, Slam and Ram a grappled enemyBronze
You Bastards!Treat the Martyr of Hecatonchires poorlyBronze