Crytek says Next-Gen will "push things that the PC is not good at"

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has stated that even though next-gen consoles may not outdo the PC, they will try to "push things that the PC is not good at."

The full quote:

"I would say the next generation consoles are, for the first time ever, not going to be beyond the PC generation, but they’re going to push things that the PC is not good at. I can’t talk about [that] obviously but the consoles will have a valid reason to be a next generation console, absolutely, and people show by the sheer volume of economics that the technology is not everything that calculates the pictures on the screen."

"In fact, I believe – oh I can’t talk more about that. Let’s say this: PC developers will be much more comfortable than last-gen console developers."