Current Beta Games

Current Beta Games Weekly Update submitted by serpentine19.

Here is a list of betas currently going on.

Beta GameGenre
SolForge[1] in closed betaTCG
Cannon Brawl[2] alpha demo availableStratergy
Dragons Prophet[3] beta signups availableMMORPG
Distance[4] pre-alpha footageRacing
Battlefield 4[5] release date confrimed for the 29/10/13Multiplayer FPS
Daybreak[6] open beta April 12MMORPG
Americas Army: Proving Grounds[7] taking beta applicationsMultiplayer FPS
Orion: Dino Horde[8] multiplayer beta on steam next weekMultiplayer FPS
WorldAlpha[9] closed beta april 16th to 22ndMMORTS(BB)
Navy Field 2[10] open beta testing starts April 18thRTS
Siege on Stars[11] closed beta starts April 12thRTS
Nival announces closed beta for the award winning Prime World[12]MOBA
Guncarft[13] open beta ends April 30thSandbox FPS
Next round of Elder Scrolls Online[14] invites on the wayMMORPG
Wildstar[15] first closed beta begins todayMMORPG