God of War Ascension Collectibles Guide

God of War Ascension Collectibles Guide

God of War Ascension Collectibles Guide by Tim Shroeder.

Note: You can find something specific quicky by hitting CTRL + F on your keyboard.

[-= Introduction =-]

Since no one seemed to have a complete guide yet either here or on any other 
site I decided to make up one of my own. The guide covers Artifacts, Phoenix
Feathers, Gorgon's Eyes and Decayed Chests so all the missable stuff.

[-= Legal =-]

(C) Copyright 2013 Tim Schroeder
Feel free to display this however you would like as long as I am given my due 
credit. I put in many an hour to have this ready before even the professional 
groups have their guides done so please don't steal my work.

[-= Contact Info =-]

Sorry not giving out my e-mail but if you need to get ahold of me just 
message me here. I also put this guide, in a slightly altered state in the 
wiki section under collectables.

[-= The Guide =-]

Chapter 2 – The Sewers__________________________________________________________

-- Artifact #1: Prisoner’s Oath Stone --

Near the start of the level you'll pull a lever to lower a gate around a cog and
chain. This will also lower a gate which releases three bug men with spears (the
second world weapon). The artifact is in the small alcove the three bug men were

Chapter 5 – The Village of Kirra________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #1 & Gorgon's Eye #1 --

Progress through the level til you come to the a fork in the path where you can 
go straight or turn right, you'll know you're there cause there is a hammer 
(third world weapon) waiting to be grabbed. Take the right path all the wait 
and you'll come to a dead end with the chests containing these two collectables.

-- Phoenix Feather #2 & Artifact #2: Circe’s Vial --

After defeating an ambush of giant elephant creatures you'll have a choice again
which path you want to take, forward or right. Take the right path to the dead
end and use the cage to jump onto the platform on the right. Inside a small room
is the feather and artifact.

-- Gorgon's Eye #2 --

When you take the forward path from the giant elephant ambush you'll shortly
reach a crank which operates a collection of wooden cogs you see just beyond the
crank. The eye is around behind the cogs, the camera will rotate to make it
easier to see as you move behind them.

-- Gorgon's Eye #3 --

After reaching a health chest with a dead cow next to it continue forward and
drop down into a small area where you'll get ambushed. After killing everything
and before continuing on check the areas over the homes in this small arena, the
eye is on top of the home to the left of where you dropped down.

-- Gorgon's Eye #4 --

When you reach the bridge that collapses when you try to cross it drop down and
you'll be attacked by a mix of beasts and mini-harpies. After you've dealt with
them follow the path to the right and you'll see this eye along with a red orb
chest inside an open building in the background as you pass. The door into it is
right before the health chest.

-- Phoenix Feather #3 & Gorgon's Eye #5 --

After the last eye just keep going and shortly you'll reach a cutscene that
shows exactly where these are. Just make sure to get them before leaving the
roller puzzle room.

Chapter 6 – The Cistern_________________________________________________________

-- Gorgon's Eye #6 --

In the room the Chapter starts climb take care of the bugs then climb the bull
statue across from where you entered. Once you jump onto the waterway from the
bull statue head left instead of right while facing the statue to a dead end
with the eye and 2 red orb chests.

-- Gorgon's Eye #7 --

You have to be blind to miss this one. Just follow the path and you'll run right
into it next to a health chest and magic chest.

Chapter 7 – The Tower of Delphi_________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #4 --

When the giant snake comes to a stop climb the outside of the tower. Once you go
inside it go down instead of up. You'll come to a dead end with the feather.

-- Gorgon's Eye #8 --

When you exit the tower head right for 2 red orb chests and head all the way 
left past the ladder for this eye plus another red orb chest.

-- Gorgon's Eye #9 --

After the slide section inside the red snake swing across to another section of
the red snake via 3 grapple points on the yellow snake. Once back on the red
snake move towards the camera and it will shortly zoom out to show another
grapple point on the yellow snake below an open hole containing this eye and a
red orb chest. Grab it and be on your way.

Chapter 8 – The Python’s Belly__________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #5 --

After getting the Lightning of Zeus and beating the creatures that follow climb
out of the snake and head towards the camera rather then towards the blue snake.
You'll come to a dead end with  2 red orb chest and this feather over the room
where you got the lightning upgrade.

-- Gorgon's Eye #10 --

After getting Feather #5 move to the blue snake, don't going inside it yet and
instead head towards the camera. You'll eventually come to a dead end with this
eye and a red orb chest.

Chapter 9 – Ice Caverns_________________________________________________________

-- Artifact #3: Oracle Seeker’s Offering --
After the third snake grabs hold of the tower to climb it again and once inside
it for a second time go down again. About halfway between the door and the chest
that held feather #4 will be a light indicating this artifact.

Chapter 10 – The Temple of Delphi_______________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #6 & Gorgon's Eye #11 --

After breathing the gas which causes the whole room to decay quickly cross to
the opposite side of the room and break down the door, not the massive one in
the center, to find these two collectables.

-- Phoenix Feather #7 & Gorgon's Eye #12 --

After the cutscene about building a statue breath in the gas and take the stairs
to the right. Follow the path til you have to fight a large minotaur and small
one with a shield. After you beat them grab the statue on the left side of the
hallway and drag it into the newly opened room closest to the stairs you came
from. Place the statue under the metal grate on the right side of the room then
breath in the gas and climb to these collectables and 2 red orb chests.

-- Phoenix Feather #8 & Gorgon's Eye #13 --

After getting the previous set of collectables return to the central room with
the two gas point, breath in the gas and take the left stairs this time. Follow
the path til and kill the lightning enhanced Siren. After she's dead drag the
statue on the right side of the hall into the newly opened room closest to the
stairs. Put the statue on top of the switch in the center of the room so the
bars to the north trigger. Now breath in the gas, push the statue off the switch
then run right at the bars that moved, as gas wears off the bars will switch
again letting you slip under into the room with these collectables and 2 more
red orb chests.

-- Phoenix Feather #9 & Gorgon's Eye #14 --

You don't have to be that quick to get this one but time is a factor. After
getting the previous set you'll need to go to the other room opened by killing
the siren. Once there breath in the gas, jump down to the floor below and run
all the way north to find another breakable door. The collectables are behind
this door.

Chapter 11 – Delphi Catacombs___________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #10 & Gorgon's Eye #15 --

After you break through the door at the end of the hallway with a spiked floor
and two chandeliers that you use the gas effect to get through run back towards
the spikes instead of heading forward. The collectables and 2 red orb chests are
just in front of the door you broke through.

-- Gorgon's Eye #16 --

After the ambush in the central room with the statues holding up the hour glass
reactivate the gas via a switch in the northern right corner. Once the gas is
back on go breath it in then return to the switch and break down the door next
to it. The eye and a red orb chest will be your reward.

-- Artifact #4: Aletheia’s Charm --

After pulling down one of the supports on the left side of the central room with
the hour glass use the newly created platforming surfaces to climb on top of the
chandelier then use the chandelier to swing over and jump on top of the hour
glass. Once there jump from the hour glass to the ground in front of the throne
and it should be within a few feet of you on the right side of the throne if not
right at your feet.

-- Phoenix Feather #11 --

After retrieving the statue head from the room next to the room with the hour
glass drag it onto the button on the south side of the room, opposite side from
the throne. This will open a gate in the north left side of the room containing
the feather and 2 red orb chests.

Chapter 13 – The Passage of Delphi______________________________________________

-- Decayed Chest #1 --

After the tutorial of how to use the Uroborus instead of healing the Oracle
follow the rebuilt bridge around the bend to find the chest at the end.

-- Phoenix Feather #12 --

After the cutscene with the Oracle continue along the path. Jump across the pit
to the rock face but don't climb up. Get on the lowest level and shimmy right,
it looks like a solid wall but there is a small passage to a cave where this
feather hides.

Chapter 14 – The Cistern________________________________________________________

-- Gorgon's Eye #17 --

It's the exact same spot as eye #6. It's right in front of you in the distance
when the Chapter starts.

-- Decayed Chest #2 --

It's right in front of you as you leave the room with the giant bull statue.

-- Decayed Chest #3 --

Immediately after the previous chest, continue down the hall and take a right
turn, then turn left to find an alcove with the chest. 

-- Decayed Chest #4 --

Exit the hall and fight a collection of bugs and an Orge. Once the fight is done
instead of healing the bridge look around to the right of the door you came
through past the statue for this chest.

-- Decayed Chest #5 --

Also before healing the bridge drop down and head to the room where the roller
puzzle was. The chest is to the right of the bridge that leads to the roller
puzzle room.

Chapter 15 – The Grotto_________________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #13 & Gorgon's Eye #18 --

From the start of the Chapter dive down but don't follow the crack of lava in
the sea floor. Instead you want to swim right, it might take a bit of trial and
error but there is a secret tunnel that leads to another point you can surface
which hides there two collectables. The right tunnel is before the sunken pillar
on the right of the path with the lava crack.

-- Artifact #5: Boat Captain’s Idol --

After fighting the two ice infused Talos and  decaying two chains so you can
continue on is another long swimming section. In this section you'll reach a
point where it's side scrolling in this area there is an upper level and a lower
level. To get into the lower level just keep swimming til you see a hole in the 
loor then follow it down. Once you do swim on this level to the end and it will
be on the floor just before the hole to return to the upper level.

-- Phoenix Feather #14 & Gorgon's Eye #19 --

After entering the dock, you'll know you're there cause of the boats, you want
to check out the left side of this area. They're pretty impossible to miss.

Chapter 16 – Prison of the Damned_______________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #15 --

After the fight at the start of this Chapter heal the massive structure you ran
through at the start of that game. Following the newly healed path stop when you
get to the right turn and look around the left of this area. It seems like you
can only turn right here but there is a small area to the right including this
feather and a red orb chest.

-- Artifact #6: Orko’s Cloak --

After the cutscene where the furies tries to fool you again (THIS IS SPARTA!) go
right but don't go through the archway. Further right past the archway is a
health chest and magic chest. Beyond those is a door you can't go through in an
alcove, the artifact is to the right of the door. If you did accidently go
through the archway don't worry you can come back through it after you kill the

-- Decayed Chest #6 --

After the second massive terrain revival and the series of grapple point you'll
go down some stairs and inside. Once inside turn right and go through the door
that was closed when you were here at the start of the game and you'll run right
into this chest.

Chapter 17 – Martyr’s Chamber___________________________________________________

-- Gorgon's Eye #20 --

In the room the Chapter starts in on the upper level there is a red orb chest
and health chest. To exit the room you go left from these chests but if you go
right you'll run right into this eye.

Everything past this point other then the artifacts will just give bonus red
orbs unless you missed something.

Chapter 18 – Delo’s Landing_____________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #16 --

After catching a ride on a sea monster and fighting a pair of lightning infused
talos you'll climb up the wall leaving you standing next to Apollo's foot.
Follow the path to the left in front of the statue's toes you'll see it and 2
red orb chests on top of a little bit of scaffolding in front of you at the end
of the path.

-- Gorgon's Eye #21 --

After getting feather #16 go back to where you were standing when you climbed
the wall and follow the path to the right in front of the big toe of the statue
for this eye and another red orb chest.

-- Phoenix Feather #17 & Gorgon's Eye #22 --

In the large room with the gears and big chain once you finish the fight grab
the block and drag it over to the far right side so you can jump up and free up
the large chain connected to the draggable switch. Once the chain is free drag
the switch halfway where it will stay on it's own then drag the block back over
to where you found it. Once the block is back go back to the draggable switch
and drag it the rest of the way then rush back to the block and push it into the
gear to stop it from moving. You can now climb the gear you just blocked to get
to a platform with these two collectables and 2 red orb chests.

Chapter 19 – The Foot of Apollo_________________________________________________

-- Decayed Chest #7 --

At the start of the Chapter you'll need to climb the foot. Once you're done with
this first climbing bit before stating the second to cross the gap to the left
go to the right and you'll run right into this chest. 

-- Gorgon's Eye #23 --

You'll eventually come to a rope slide that when you land you'll see a ladder
slightly off to your left. Take the ladder down and you'll find this collectable
plus a red orb chest.

-- Phoenix Feather #18 --

After a fight with two centaurs and a blue spear chick you'll pull a massive
chain down so you can climb onto the platform above. Once on the platform don't
enter through the hole in the leg to the left but go up the ramp to the right.
It's a short dead end where you'll find this collectable.

Chapter 21 – The Forearm of Apollo______________________________________________

-- Artifact #7: Stonemason’s Chisel --

At the start use the Oath Stone of Orkos to get up the lift controlled by the
crank. Once at the top move to the right in front of the button then run away
from the pressure switch you're standing in front of. You'll run right into it
stuck into a plank in the wall.

-- Gorgon's Eye #24 --

After grabbing artifact #7 jump up onto the platform in front of you where
you'll find this collectable and 2 red orb chests.

-- Phoenix Feather #19 --

After collecting the artifact and gorgon eye use the pressure switch you ignored
earlier and drop down into a fight. Once you kill everything you'll probably
notice a gate you can't get through but it's easy to open. Climb the wall next
to the gate and get onto the platform then grab and pull the next platform
toward you. When you can't pull it anymore used the Oath Stone to keep it in
place then drop back down to where you were fighting and the gate will be open
as long as your shadow clone is holding the other platform in place.

-- Phoenix Feather #20 --

You'll come back to the area where you fought the two centaurs and blue spear
chick for another fight. After the fight use a combo of the Oath Stone and
Uroborus to repair the chain you used to get up on the platform before and again
climb to the platform. That done again ignore the hole leading into the leg on
the left and climb up to the right cause the chest has regenerated letting you
get another collectable from it.

Chapter 22 – The Ribs of Apollo_________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #21 & Gorgon's Eye #25 --

After a period of climbing and swinging you'll reach a fight where you have to
take down a small minotaur with a shield and two of the big ones before you're a
lowed to continue. Before going through the unblocked opening turn around from
it and run towards the edge cause there is a raised hanging platform with these
two collectables and 2 red orb chests.

Chapter 23 – The Furnace________________________________________________________

-- Artifact #8: Archimedes’ Treatise --

After the fight with the ogre and the drakes continue on til you climb up above
where you just fought it, you'll know you're there cause you'll find Archimedes'
body and there will be design sketches for the Statue of Apollo on the wall. On
the left side of this platform is a health chest and red orb chest. Run up to
either chest and you'll see this artifact sitting on a bench to your left.

-- Phoenix Feather #22 & Gorgon's Eye #26 --

After collecting artifact #8 you're gonna use the pull switch in the middle of
this platform and drop down the shaft it opens. These two are in the area you
land in and impossible to miss cause you run right through them.

Chapter 25 – The Furnace________________________________________________________

Artifact #9: Statue Worker’s Idol

When the platform you raise by tossing guys in the fire in the center locks into
place for the first time go to the pull switch on the left side of the platform.
Once there go left and you'll find the artifact in the corner of the platform.

Chapter 26 – The Eye of Apollo__________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #23 & Gorgon's Eye #27 --

They're right at the top of a ladder and I'm not gonna say any more cause if you
miss these you need to put the controller down, close this guide and just walk
away on account of you should not be playing this or any other game.

Chapter 28 – Trial of Archimedes________________________________________________

-- Phoenix Feather #24 & Gorgon's Eye #28 --

These are only slightly less impossible to miss then the last ones since they
show up in a cutscene but they're right at the start of the Chapter as you come
out of the wormhole like portal leading to the mirror world. They're north and a
little to the right of where you're standing when you exit the portal.

-- Artifact #10: Antikythera Mechanism --

After the grueling trial to get the platform back up to the top and solving the
puzzle on this side return through the portal from the mirror world. Once
through, assuming you correctly solved the puzzle on the other side, the entire
platform will lower itself during a cutscene. When it's over just walk up the
short steps and go to the right to run right into this artifact.