Press Release: Tales of Laputa Launches Open Beta Phase

Tales of Laputa, a magical new free-to-play anime MMORPG from online games publisher, NGames, has launched its open beta testing phase and is welcoming all players now on the online games portal.

Combining MMORPG gameplay with classic anime elements, Tales of Laputa thrusts players into a brave new world where magic and machinery coexist, and the threat of demonic invasions is an ever-present danger. As a member of the Order – a society of heroes established to safeguard Laputa - players not only face an epic struggle against notorious Bandits vying to overthrow the island, they must also seek to reveal the true history of Laputa and finally lead the City of Sky into a new era of peace of prosperity.

Tales of Laputa breaks the traditional class mould of MMORPG's by giving players 6 classes to choose from. Would-be heroes can take on the role of a the staple Warrior, Mage, and Priest, as well as a Wizard, Sniper, or an Assassin; each class coming with it's own unique skills, gameplay style and stunning special effects.

The exciting battle-heavy adventure benefits from a speedy combat system, which waves goodbye to the generic plodding-pace of MMO turn-based combat. The rhythms of releasing skills have been optimized to the maximum in Tales of Laputa, allowing players to string together attacks and blast through battles without worrying about annoying waiting times hindering the action.

Tales of Laputa's unique webgame engine brings browser-based gaming to life, making use of the latest technologies to provide a fully immersive gameplay experience. Beta players can expect stunning special effects, deep skill combination systems, and a highly sociable experience.

There are thousands of pets in Tales of Laputa, all ready to be tamed and taken into battle by heroes skilled enough to use them. Players can raise their pets by taking them on adventures and teaching them new abilities, directly influencing the attribute growth of their own personal sidekick. A plethora of NPC's are waiting to join the fight too, which players can recruit as they explore Laputa's exciting storyline quests.

To celebrate the Open Beta launch of Tales of Laputa, publisher NGames are giving away Newbie Packs to all new players, containing $8 (USD) worth of useful free items, including a free week of VIP status.

"We're delighted to launch the Tales of Laputa open beta!", said Tracy Wang, NGames PR Manager, "The closed beta was a massive success. We can't wait to see the game grow as more players explore Laputa's adventure through their browsers."

Tales of Laputa, a brand new, magical web RPG, is now in open beta. Interested players can register now:

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About Tales of Laputa

Tales of Laputa is a feature packed web MMORPG with exciting battle gameplay and classic anime elements. The game takes places in a continent where magic and machinery coexists. The Order of Morias is the ruler of City of Sky. The mysterious Bandits group, which bears unknown missions, is vying to overturn the order of the continent. As a member of the Order, players must join the unprecedented war, reveal the true history and finally lead the City of Sky to a new era, and all while teaming up with friends to create an organization even greater than the Order of Morias.