Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build

Torchlight 2 Outlander Build
Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide by Krummer
I usually play melee characters in every game. And I don’t like pet classes at all. But this time I found an extremly fun close-range ranged spec for Outlander.

It’s based on shooting with the shotgonne and appling DOTs and Debuffs through various skills.
  • if dex < 110 then dex > str > focus > vit
  • else str > focus > dex > vit
We want to reach the dodge cap. crit is not very important, because DOTs don’t cit.
vit scales very poorly. don’t get it at all.
  • Core
  • Shotgonne mastery (for control)
  • Master of elements (for damage) (max)
  • Dodge mastery (max)
  • Share the wealth (max)
  • Stone pact (max)
  • Bane breath (skill high enough to be able to easily kill weak enemies with it)
  • Death ritual (put points into it until you feel the minion’s lifetime is long enough)
  • Cursed daggers (for debuffing) (max)
  • Shadowling Brute (to always have benefit from death ritual. atleast 1 point in this, more wouldn't hurt)
get those skills. you don’t need to max them all.
  • Shadowmantle (more defense is always useful)
  • Long range mastery (for more ranged damage) (skill this up to 5 early. not as useful later)
  • Rune Vault & Burning Leap (1 point in those is enough. only used for movement)
  • Glaive Sweep & Flaming Glaives (good for charge generation. get atleast one of those or both.) (don’t put more than 5 point into sweep)
You should probably get all those, but they’re not essential.
  • What are we looking for on our gear aside of core stats?
  • HP > All Damage > Poison Damage = Minion Damge > Ranged Damage > Minion HP > Movement Speed > HP reg > Mana Reg
We need to get HP from Items, because otherwise we’re 1 hittet if dodge fails.
The try to get a fast shotgonne with mana or health on hit and high DPS.
  • Run all over the place and use Bane Breath on weak mobs to turn them. Then keep up the cursed daggers debuff and just shoot them up.
  • Putting down a stone pact helps with not dying, and vault + leap help getting in and out of large enemiy groups. You always have to be pretty close to your enemies, so keep moving.
After trying every class as a melee character and beeing very disappointed with it, this really restored my faith in the game. Its so much fun.