10 Essential Eve Online Tips

Eve Online Tips

Here are 10 essential tips for Eve Online by George K.
  1. Avoid autopilot. Autopilot is slower than manually jumping from system to system, and there is a chance you could get ganked if you arrive in a low sec system.
  2. Always check the Market before you buy or sell.
  3. Only mine in 0.7- systems using anchored secured containers.
  4. If someone targets you or steals from you, don't attack them back unless you're ready for a fight. If you attack them back, that gives them a right to finish you off.
  5. Having trouble with a mission? Ask for "Help in System Name with Mission Name"
  6. Plan to save time.
  7. Use Cybernetics  1st Respec max mem & int. Cycle up to iv in mem & int & learning.
  8. Pick the biggest ship you want to fly, then train for those skills.
  9. Pick the NPC corp with LP items you want and convenient stations before you run missions
  10. Do the epic missions as soon as they come up . They can have some great rewards, and are actually fun to do as well!
Well there you have it. If you have any of your own hints, tips, cheats, guides or anything else for Eve Online, please post it in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site!