Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Charm Table Guide & FAQ

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Charm Table Guide
Here is a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Charm Table Guide & FAQ by Stafir.

What are charms?
Charms are a special piece of equipment. They cannot be created, they can only be found. They do nothing but raise/lower skills, as well as be able to have slots for gems (which can raise skills even further).

How important are charms?
If you felt like it you could do every quest, defeat every monster, and get all equipment. And never put on a charm. On the other hand you can use charms to help you create equipment sets that give you skills that arn't normally found together. So basically they are important for tweaking your build..and helping to create unusual character builds you couldn't otherwise have. But arn't gamebreaking.

What's a charm table?
An invisible ingame list of charms. There are 17 of them, and whenever you get a charm, the game randomly picks one from whatever list your character is on. These tables also apparently affect a character who gather's items for you, as well as your likelyhood of finding an item called rustshards.

How do you get a charm table?
The moment you choose to make a brand new character, that character is placed on a charm table. And there is no currently known way to ever change your charm table. So they are stuck on that table for their entire life.

How bad is this?
It depends on your luck. 12 of those tables have over 20,000 charms on it, with varying skills and gem slots. Many skill level/gem slots appear only on a few charm tables. So if you arn't on the table for it..there are charms your character will never see. But those 12 tables have pretty good charms on them, so it dosn't hurt too much to not have an exact table...unless you wish to make a specific build that requires a charm not on your tabble.

You said there were 17 tables..but you just talked about 12 of em, what about the other 5?
Those are the cursed tables.

Cursed tables?
These tables have extreemly bad selection of charms, all add very little to skills, or have skills seen as mostly useless. At least 1 table has no charms that give 3 gem slots, and at least 1 table makes it so your character can never receive a rustshard (which some equipment can only be made if ou have a rustshard). Beyond that, unlike the other tables giving 20k+ charms in variety, these 5 tables only have anywhere from 200 to 800 charms each. So you're stuck with a low number of extreemly sucky charms to choose from.

How do I know what table I am on?
Two main ways. The easiest is to play the solo game until you have access to the fish mongress. She sends out ships for you, and when they return they bring items. If you send them to the "Moga Coast" area, (one of the first areas you can go to), and the only item you give is one that speeds of return time, when they return plug in what you get, in the order you get them here. It then spits out what possible tables you are on. If it isn't narrowed down to a single table, send em out again, and add the results. (Warning the site posted is merely a frontend for a japanese website..once you push send it takes you to the japanese site..but its easy enough to read).

The other way is to take a charm table list. Here is a forum post dedicated to one. you then search for charms you have, slowly eliminating what tables you can't possibly have, until you find your table. This post, by the way, points to an external program you need to download that searches the lists for you.

OK, so thats how I know what charm table I'm on. What if I want to choose my table?
Ok I'll keep this simple, due to a quirk of the way the game chooses what table you are on, the current time actually chooses the table for you. Conversly if you alter the system time on the Wii U or the 3DS, you can use that and a stopwatch to get the table you want. All you need to know is the exact point in time at which you need to create a character to choose your table.

First: Set the date to 21/01/2012. Next grab out your stop watch, and set the time to 2 minutes (or more) before the target time (give yourself a chance to start up the game an get to the point you need to be, 2 minutes is usually more than enough). Once you confirm the current time, start the stopwatch, and keep track of it, as it counts down to your target time.

Now: Open up MH3U, and navitage to where you have the 'New Game' options. Do not push it yet. Once the stopwatch confirms it is the time of your choosing, pick 'new game', your characters Charm Table is now set, so actually create everything about them at your own leasure.

With that said, here are the times on 21/01/2012 that people know will get you the table of your choosing. Everything is written in army time (12 am is 0 o'clock.)

Good Tables:
  • Table 1 00:14:11~13
  • Table 2 02:14:39~42
  • Table 3 00:11:28~30
  • Table 4 00:05:47~49
  • Table 5 00:56:43~45
  • Table 6 00:42:17~20
  • Table 7 01:43:58~01
  • Table 8 09:25:48~51
  • Table 9 07:09:58~01
  • Table 10 00:14:43~45
  • Table 13 00:07:46~48
  • Table 14 00:17:02~05

Cursed Tables:
  • Table 11 00:02:43
  • Table 12 00:06:41
  • Table 15 00:08:09
  • Table 16 00:13:22
  • Table 17 00:20:03
Which table is right for 'my build'?
This FAQ is honestly not gonna be that in depth..if you've never played a MH game before it won't matter, and I just suggest you make sure you arn't on a cursed table. Otherwise either look over the previously linked to charm table list and pick out one that has charms you want. Or here are some short descriptions of the 'specialties' of the non-cursed tables.

  • Table 1: This is considered a very general table. If you really don't know what to get, as you plan to try everything. This is probably you're choice, the best charms are a good mix of ranged and melee skills.
  • Table 2: This one is usually seen as another generalized table..but if you're choosing tables go with 1. This table isn't cursed..but table 1 is better in most ways.
  • Table 3: Another all purpose, but apparently has a larger number of good charms that also have evasion.
  • Table 4: Melee oriented table, considered really good if you plan to use the lance mostly. But ok for any melee oriented character.
  • Table 5: Some evasion, some hearing protection (so you spend less time stunned when a monster roads). Otherwise apparently very compatible with heavy bowguns.
  • Table 6: Pretty well set for Melee again, with a few things good for ranged characters. Evasions, elemental unlocks, and several easy to use skills are seen here.
  • Table 7: Generalized Evasion table..while most others had good or ok evasion..this one seems to be a table that lets you have good evasion skills mixed with skills good for many different weapons. Basically evasion everywhere.
  • Table 8: Again evasion is good here, but less so than Table 7. In return you have more charms related to guard.
  • Table 9: A table good for gun users, a few melee charms but its very rare.
  • Table 10: Known for being THE table if you plan to focus on melee. Has many charms with skillsets good for melee. And the charms most believe best for melee are here.
  • Table 13: Nothing standout, but everything here is just pretty well solid and middle of the line.
  • Table 14: Another table good for melee characters. But has a few noteworthy charms that are good for ranged characters, in case you feel like mixing it up.

And that should get you pretty well started on charms. If all else fails, do remember charms are not required to do everything in game. They are only required for very high level character build tweaking.

If you have any of your own Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate tips or hints, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site!