Path of Exile Ranger Hardcore Immortal Speed Build Guide

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Here's a Path of Exile Ranger Hardcore Immortal Speed Build Guide by MartinCreek.
Build information
I have very low experience of the closed beta, and started playing a few days before open beta hit. This is my first build and the goal for it was to make a close to immortal ranger by the time I hit 70. So far everything is going good, and I am not having any issues up to Act3 merciless.
The build focuses alot of defensive nodes, but I have also thrown in some offensive ones along the path.
Depending on how you feel your health/dps balance is, you can freely choose to get defensive or offensive throughout the build. Personally I went defensive just to see how much health was “too much”.
I hope you enjoy the build, any feedback is appreciated. Don’t forget to look in every now and then for any changes in the thread.
Ability guide
These are the abilities I have been striving for. But for a lower level I suggest using poison arrow/rain of arrows/lightning arrow.
Lightning Arrow (Chain, Weapon Elemental Damage, Lesser multiple projectiles, faster attacks)
Frenzy (Faster Attacks, optional)
Spell Totem: Summon Skeletons
Bear Trap.
(Thinking of elemental hit)
I am still working on support gems for these abilities, I will keep updating the post with information.
If you want to see how it works out, I am currently running this build at at a lvl 77+ ranger.

Did some changes to the build again, going back to defensive but adding Shock chance and some other small features.
As people asked for what went through my head on this one, it’s from a chat with nugiyen and blearghmaster at mumble. We talked endgame and agreed that landing upon 4.500 health and then staying there (from passives) could be abit weak, considering the high damage you already take in 70-72 maps. You can always mitigate damage with armor, but with health you always know what you get.
The sacrifice for this was 30% elemental damage/ 1 extra frenzy charge (9% AS) / berserking (15%). Take in mind that these are not fully fixed percentages, but they calculate in a much smaller proportion then you might think.
The damage from shock is extreme, it is 40% (up to 3 times) extra damage each shock, and is definitely worth the points to get there.
As far as the Resolute Techniques (from here on RT) goes: As we are not getting a lot of accuracy from the build, you will probably land around 70% chance to hit around level 65 (with decent gear and weak accuracy). By the time you pick RT, you will notice your dps going up by a few hundred. And if you feel like getting a bunch of accuracy on your gear later on, do it. You can always refund the few points and spend them somewhere else if you like.
I hope this is enough of a summary, if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
More offensive ISP version
Credits to Pifona for pointers.
MartinCreek’s ISP Build
Credit to Devilsdan and Nugiyen for coming with some input for the build.

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