War Thunder Plane Characteristics

War Thunder Plane Characteristics

War Thunder Planes Basic Characteristics Guide by Silver

Fw 190, great for diving, head on fights and chasing after most bombers, you do not want to put yourself in a turning fight with these… they turn like a whale… BUT they are fairly easy to control in a high speed dive fairly simple plane.. some variants are better than others, if you want maneuverability + speed + firepower, look at the later bf109s. want something abit more armoured, and better climbing rates, then Fws are for you.

N1K2s Decent speed/acceleration, most armored plane the japanese have, but still made of explodium. fairly decent in turning, you can turn with a spitfire IF you have a fairly high airspeed on you, the lower your airspeed, the bigger your turning radius… odd i know. great for getting on bombers – has 4 20mm cannons- oddly enough.. horrible at most head 2 heads unless you know how to shoot before the targeting reticule… hmm what else…. the N1K2-Ja variant cant carry a decent ground attack loadout… but of course, you loose your maneuverability, and a fair amount of speed… japanese did not have great engines… they had light planes, and this is no exception

The La 5/7s very good dogfighters, and if you have a speed (from a dive) you have 1-3 possible sharp turns…. sharp enough to match a A6M (zero) afterwards… enjoy your near 30 sec turning radius… very good speed, strong weapons (20mm cannons) with a fair amount of ammo and insane fire rate. they are agile enough to keep up with your spitfires and fast enough to outrun them if given the choice.

P-39/ P63, pick your target well… you dont want to be caught in a turn or with low speed in these planes, they turn almost like a bomber. Learn to kill planes with 1-2 cannon shots, aim with the zoom function, and yes, use the Boom-Zoom.


Fw best for Head on fights, “Energy Fighters” Use that climb rate => Boom Zoom , applies to the P39s/63s. Makes as a great bomber escort / Interceptor

N1K2s – Interceptors – Make use of your 4 cannons and tear into those bombers. It can escort bombers, but it usually cant keep up with the speed of the quad engined ones on a dive -.- . Great Maneuverability, dont be scared to dogfight in this thing, decent boom-zoomer.

La 5/7 – Dog Fighter-This plane can dish out damage, and can take a decent amount of MG fire. Fast, agile, powerful, just be conservative with your ammo. 20mm cannons with 300 rounds with a ridiculous fire rate… that gun is going empty in around 4 secs of a full spray, soooo take the right shots, you only need a few shells.

PS. Those are for Arcade battle performance. In historic/ realistic… the Fw done have the Flight/Damage models done… to my knowledge, and most of the variants are fairly unstable in flight ie, they wobble and slant like no tomorrow. The La5/7s are finished as well as the N1K2s and maaaaan, are they beastly and smooth fliers. La5/7s dont have alot of ammo though -.- only good pilots can dish out more than 2 kills out of them… as for the N1K2s 4 20mm cannons, 900 of rounds… you can take down a fair number of planes in historic settings… and/or a number of bombers…