ARMA 3 Beta Goes Live On Steam

ARMA 3 Beta Goes Live On Steam

The ARMA 3 beta is now live. In addition to all the content from the Alpha, beta players will have access to the island of straits, 20 weapons, 18 vehicles, 8 showcase missions, 4 multiplayer scenarios, 4 challenges and 3 factions. Also included is a scenario editor which lets players create their own mods.

Creative Director Jay Crow has stated that

"The beta is a big opportunity for us to involve more players in ARMA 3's development and is the next step along the road towards our full release. With a variety of new single-player and multiplayer scenarios and a whole bunch of new sandbox content, we're looking forward to introducing players to what true combined arms combat really means in ARMA 3."

ARMA 3 Beta

If you pick up the beta from either Steam or Bohemia's store, you will be able to access the full game once it launches. The ARMA 3 beta will be available in the normal edition and digital deluxe editions.

The price of the game will go up once it launches, so it's better to buy your copy today.