Battlefield 2 Project Reality Mod 1.0 Open Beta Released

Battlefield 2 Project Reality Mod 1.0 Open Beta Released

After two years of development and numerous new additions, thousands of tweaks and complete overhauls, the Battlefield 2 Project Reality open BETA has finally been released.

New Features and Changes in Project Reality:

While the PR:BF2 v1.0 Open BETA does not contain all the new features that will be included in the final v1.0 release, it does contain a substantial amount of changes compared to our previous release, PR:BF2 v0.98. We are currently not prepared to publish a complete change log of the thousands of changes and features you will find in v1.0, but in order to help you adjust and make an easier transition, we have listed some of the more prominent gameplay changes below.
  • Integrated PR Mumble (Positional Voice Chat) that connects completely automatically, with in-game HUD support.
  • Added Machine Gunner and Spotter kits.
  • Removed Binoculars from all conventional forces kits (Officers and Spotters still carry GTLD's).
  • Removed incendiary grenades.
  • Reworked deviation and recoil on all weapons.
  • Reworked explosives completely.
  • Reworked the majority of land vehicle physics.
  • Reworked helicopter damage system, plane-carried air to air missiles, and flares.
  • Changed Forward Outposts and Weapon Caches to only be destroyable by explosives and other heavy assets.
  • Changed Rally Points to be permanent, they will not destroy themselves after a time limit.
  • Rally Points need the Squad Leader + 2 Squad Members to be placed.
  • Rally Points get destroyed by 1 enemy within 10m, 20m, 40m radius (1 km, 2 km, 4 km maps respectively).
Download: To download the Project Reality Beta and get started playing check out the following link: Project Reality: BF2 1.0 Released

Official Open BETA Teaser:

For more information see the official Project Reality BETA post.