Dark Souls Tips and Tricks

Dark Souls Tips

Here are some Dark Souls hints, tips and tricks.
  • Starting class - Your starting class and gifts are not as important as you think...but pick the skeleton key as its very useful throughout the game.
  • Teleport home - Always carry a homeward bone with you.
  • Fast rolls - Keep equipment load below 50% to keep your rolling moving fast.

    For very the fastest rolling and dodging speed, keep it below 25% (you can check your equipment load by pressing start > Browse and use items > then "Toggle Status" on the right you should see "Equip Load".)

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  • Starting attributes - All classes should start by putting lots of points into VIT and END. Getting Endurance to around 40 should be a priority for many since it is a very powerful stat in Dark Souls.
  • Resistance Useless - All classes should probably avoid resistance (RES) as the damage mitigation it gives is nearly non existent. You are much better off putting points into VIT or END.

    Personally, I always put a bunch of points into END from the start, that way I have enough stamina to dodge attacks and fight. VIT is very important too because it allows you to take more hits when you mess up.

  • Mage Class Attributes - If you want to become an effective mage fast, start by getting your INT to 40 and then put all attributes into Endurance.
  • More Spell Uses - In order to be able to cast more magic as a mage, you can attune magic to multiple slots. This way, for example, you can use 60 soul arrows instead of 30.
  • Diminishing Returns - Stat returns past 40 are diminished.
  • Preventing Invasions - At the early soul levels, you can stay hollow and avoid becoming human until you get a grasp on the mechanics of the game. If you become human early on, you can be invaded by other players.
  • Blocking is not as good as dodging.
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  • Single out enemies - Always try to draw out enemies one by one. You can aggro an enemy then run back and fight it, and do the same with others. This way you won't be overwhelmed, as fighting more than one enemy in this game is not easy, at all.
  • Be careful when exploring unknown places, you could end up somewhere you are not supposed to be, and get killed by a mob much higher level than you.
  • Weapon & Armor Upgrades - Upgrading your weapons and armor is more important than leveling up.

    Weapon damage takes priority early on, as an upgraded weapon is probably the most helpful thing to have early to mid game. Once you fully upgrade a weapon, then boosting attributes is the way to go.

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  • Good weapon early - If you need a good weapon early on, kill the merchant in Undead Burg and you will get the Uchigatana. Note that merchants don't respawn, but he doesn't sell anything you can't find elsewhere in the game.
  • Low Poise can get you killed.
  • Dung pies are great for immunity from toxic.
  • Lost and can't find your way? The game tells you where to go through item descriptions and NPC dialogue. If you follow these, you will get the order listed below.

    1. Undead Burg
    2. Undead Parrish
    3. Darkroot Forest/Basin
    4. Lower Undead Burg
    5. Depths
    6. Blighttown
    7. Sen's Forest
    8. Anor Londo
    9. Painted World
    10. Get the Bonfire Warp
    11. Knock out the rest of Darkroot
    12. Duke's Archives
    13. New Londo
    14. Catacombs/Tomb of the Giants
    15. Great Hollow/Ash Lake
    16. Demon Ruins/New Izalith
    17. Kiln

I hope these tips helped you. If you have any of your own tips for Dark Souls, please post them below. Thanks for visiting!