EA: PS4 and Xbox One are 8x more powerful than current-gen

EA: PS4 and Xbox One are 8x more powerful than current-gen

During a shareholder's call, Electronic Arts has stated that the PS4 and Xbox One are 8x faster than current gen, and praised the hardware:

"We're really excited about the fact that it's about 8x faster than last gen." Gibeau said in response to a question about the capabilities of the next-gen consoles as transcribed by Seeking Alpha. "We're going to be able to create experiences that are going to be 60 frames a second, 1080p."

"We're going to be able to use the memory to have real-time physics, so you'll have much more lifelike experiences. Characters will look and feel more human. The worlds will be larger, they'll be dynamic. We'll be able to -- in the case of Battlefield 4, we knocked a skyscraper down right in the middle of the game. That's kind of stuff you just couldn't do on [PS3 and Xbox 360]."

"Last time around, the 2 platforms were radically different, very different architectures on Sony and Microsoft," Gibeau explained. "We had to do a lot of rework between the two in order to get product out simultaneously. So there was a lot of incremental cost to get a 360 and a PS3 game out. Now the architectures are more alike than different underneath the hood. Now they do very different things with them. But at the core, using Ignite and Frostbite, we're able to gain a lot of efficiencies based on having the architecture being more similar than different. And in fact, if you look at R&D in the last transition, it was up 30% year-on-year through the transition. And this year, we've guided to flat to slightly down. So I think that's an indication of our confidence in how technology and the similarity of the underneath-the-hood architectures of the systems is allowing us to re-leverage and create margin."

Sony promised the PS4 will be out this holiday season for $399 and Microsoft is set to launch the The Xbox One in November for $499.