GMOD Creator Releases Open-World Survival Game Rust Into Alpha

The creator of Garry's Mod, Garry Newman, is currently developing a new open-world game that looks like DayZ mixed with Minecraft. Rust is a multiplayer survival game that puts you in a world plagued by zombies, hunger and cold. The game forces you to track down food and make clothing to avoid freezing during the night. You can also construct buildings and shelter.

To join the alpha check out the official site. You need a beta key though, before, 0000000 worked, but it stopped. Update: There has been a twitter post today saying that soon we will be able to play Rust! Check out the official twitter for Rust here:

Update: We also added a new Rust section where you can find gameplay videos, information, links, guides, tips, and more about the game! Check it out while we all wait patiently for the game to go live.