GTA V Characters


GTA V features three playable characters. Character switching is incredibly fluid and instant, and you can select any of the three characters off-mission with free-roam, but not while on a mission. In missions you can only switch for unique objectives.

Here are the characters:


  • Michael is a retired bank robber who made a deal with the FIB and is currently in the witness protection program.
  • Married to wife (Amanda) and has a teenage daughter named Tracy and a son named Jimmy.
  • Michael is the brains of the trio, and an effective leader.
  • Michael has a special version of the bullet time ability.

  • Franklin is in his early 20s and works at a car dealership.
  • Franklin is a street hustler (and it's also how he met Micahel)
  • Franklin is a skilled sniper and driver. He will be the best driver in the game despite the game having a driving statistic.
  • Michael is Franklin's mentor

  • Trevor is a former military pilot who lives in a trailer in Blaine County (the desert area of the game)
  • Trevor used to work a few bank jobs with Michael
  • Trevor has a special frenzy mode where he does double damage while taking half damage, and he also has a special unique melee attack.
  • Trevor is an exceptional pilot and will be the best pilot in the game.
GTA V Character Voice Actors:

Michael is voiced by Ned Luke:

Franklin is voiced by Shawn Fonteno:

Trevor is voiced by Steven Ogg:

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