Let's be honest, EA has impressed at E3 so far

Written by Darth.

Four games in particular have caught my eye: Battlefield 4, Mirrors Edge 2, Dragon Age Inquisition, and Star Wars Battlefront.

Starting with Battlefield 4, you can't deny that their demo was impressive. The Battlefield series is known for pushing the limits of your PC, and the tech displayed for Battlefield 4 certainly impressed. The level of destruction available seems to be the greatest yet, with entire skyscrapers being leveled on screen. This will be the go-to FPS for most on PC, it would seem, and many people on console as well.

Now for Battlefront. Nothing more can be said about this. We only saw the teaser trailer, so we don't know much about it, and we knew EA acquired the rights to the game from Disney recently. This is the game fans have been asking for for the longest time now, and EA certainly has the resources to make this something that impresses. Could they mess it up? Of course they could, but with as much at stake as there is, I'm hopeful for the game's success.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is another thing I've taken a particular interest in. I love the work Bioware has done thus far, and they have a history of good games in my own opinion. The first 99% of the Mass Effect series is my favorite series ever, and I'm about to start DA2 for the first time after recently finishing Origins and liking it quite a bit. I've heard mixed things about it, but I do trust Bioware to make good games still. Some would argue that this is no longer the Bioware of old, with Ray Muzyka leaving, but again, I remain hopeful for the game's success. From what I understand, much of the team from the first two games is still on board.

Now for Mirror's Edge 2. Similar to Battlefront, this is a game fans have been asking for for years now, and we only got a peek at a trailer, although this one did have in-game footage, so I would assume it is more complete than Battlefront. Of course, the mechanics and gameplay of Mirror's Edge have been something refreshing in an industry littered with FPS's and RPG's galore. Considering this game holds the kind of prestige it does among gamers, and the fact that it was a major part of their show, I'd expect EA to invest a lot into the success of Mirror's Edge 2. An EA exec has already confirmed that the game would be an open-world, so what we do know of it thus far is overwhelmingly positive.

Aside from these games, EA presented it's yearly releases of sports games. In general, they put out pretty decent games, but mess it up with online passes (which will no longer be required), complicated DRM, and their liking for an always-online format. However, if they can get past things like this, and learn from mistakes they've made in the past (i.e. Sim City, ME3's ending, etc.) they've got a very solid lineup that would make it hard for anyone who has said they would boycott EA to actually do so.

Article submitted by Darth.