New Dark Souls style PS4 exclusive game Destiny of Spirits by FromSoftware Spotted

Title: Destiny of Spirits
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc
Developer: FromSoftware, Inc
Platform: PlayStation 4
Release: TBD

The seal is broken! The eldritch magicks separating the land of Man from the realm of the gods has been breached. The corruption of the mortals bleeds into the Empyrean, twisting paradise into an abode of untold horrors. Gods gone mad devour angels and rain curses down upon the faithful, while demons break free from their prisons and set themselves on high. The darkening of Heaven beckons warriors from beyond the Nexus, and the Destiny of Spirits falls into the hands of the brave few.

  • Embark on a crusade through the twisted wastes of the Empyrean, an open world like no other
  • Battle monstrous gods and their minions in challenging, skill-driven combat
  • Play cooperatively online with up to three other companions, or haunt the worlds of strangers
  • Gather materials, build weapons and items from scratch, and customize your gear
  • Designed from the ground up for the next-generation PlayStation 4 console
  • Take the Empyrean anywhere with PlayStation Vita Remote Play functionality

Source: PSMania