DICE: No Mod Support for Battlefield 4

DICE general manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson has confirmed that Battlefield 4 will not support mods. Troedsson told PC gamer at E3 that DICE finds user generated content "very interesting" and yet when asked if there is a chance that BF4 would be moddable he gave this answer:

"We get that question a lot. I always answer the same thing, and then the community calls me bad names. We get the feedback, we understand it. We also would like to see more player-created content, but we would never do something like this if we feel we couldn't do this 100 percent. That means we need to have the right tools available, we need to have the right security around this regarding what parts of the engine we let loose, so to say. So for BF4 we don’t have any planned mod support, I have to be blunt about saying that. We don’t.

But it is something that we are thinking about for the future, where we are going with the product, et cetera. So user-created content is something that’s very interesting to us, but I’m sorry to say that we will not have mod support in BF4."

I know they don't support mods because they want to sell their own DLC but I still don't get it, when you allow user generated content, you get great mods like DayZ. And do you know what the DayZ mod did for Arma 2? It increased sales of the game 10 fold. Another example is Minecraft, imagine if Minecraft didn't have mod support...it wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is today. In fact, a lot of the features in Minecraft are directly from user created mods.