Rift Warrior Riftblade Build Guide

Rift Warrior Riftblade Build Guide

Here is a Rift Warrior Riftblade Build Guide by Steelwind.

Storm Legion 2.2 61 Riftblade Guide


Storm Legion 2.2 Parse 13k self buff no consumables

2895 AP
1927 Crit
518 Crit Power
Brutal Sword of Twisted Souls 1H 259dps


cast Rift Strike
cast Flamespear
cast Rift Implosion

cast Searing Strike
cast Rift Spear
cast Shock Pulse

Shock Pulse
cast Burst Synergy
cast Shock Pulse

cast Fiery Burst
cast Icy Burst

On its own key
Frost Strike


Rift Strike, Flamespear, Rift Implosion, Fiery Burst
(Burst Synergy) Shock Pulse, Frost Strike, Rift Spear, Icy Burst
Searing Strike x 3, Icy Burst
Searing Strike, Icy Burst


(Burst Synergy) Rift Strike, Thunder Strike, Thunder Strike, Earth/Storm Burst
(Fork) Flamespear, Riftspear, Thunder Strike, Rift Storm
Thunder Strike x 3, Earth/Storm Burst

Buffs: Blade of the Ascended, Avatar of the Rift, Enhanced Conductivity, Empower, Way of the River
  • Stack attack power. When you reach 600 – 650 crit power you can stop there.
  • Set ability ques to Full
  • Note that where Burst Synergy is used your Fiery Burst and Icy Burst will always proc with 3 attack points
  • Use 4/4 Riftblade crystal set
  • 2/25/13: You may use this in PvP and World environment
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