State of Decay Combat Tactics

Here are some State of Decay combat tactics and tips submitted by Destinystrike.

Quick Combat Tips

  • Always carry around 1 to 2 bottles of medication, and 2-3 snacks. 
  • Always carry a backup weapon on you.
  • Designate a character as a firearms character or melee character. I find guns pretty bad in an apocalyptic situation, so I don't use them. I save them for the folks at base.

Melee Move List:
  • The Left Bumper modifies just about EVERYTHING in terms of combat! Keep that in mind. 
  • A when weapon is drawn and close to a zombie = Leaping Slash 
  • LB + A = Dropkick. Try to make sure you are moving TOWARDS the zombie when you do this or you'll dropkick at the air and make a fool out of yourself.  (Also, make sure you hit the left bumper a bit before A. If you hit them together the dropkick may not work)
  • B = Defense , kind of a weaving duck. 
  • LB + B + Direction = Combat Roll , gets you out of a tight spot. 
  • LB + B (Stationary) = Powerhouse only moves. These must be unlocked with Powerhouse rating of 5. You can choose a SUPLEX or a Double Kill. The Suplex is GREAT for one on one fights, allowing you to instakill a light enemy (Normal Zombies and Screamers) by using the move, then tapping Y to trigger a flapjack slam onto the ground that busts open their heads. The double head smash is good for groups of zombies, obviously. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. Did I mention these moves consume barely any stamina?
  • Y = Kick , Powerhouse characters can unlock a SPARTAN KICK that is executed by HOLDING Y
  • LB + Y = Shove. Not that strong. Powerhouse characters can Unlock a STRONGER Push that always knocks enemies down. You can only unlock the Spartan Kick OR The Strong Push, not both. 
  • LB + Y on a Downed Enemy = Insta-kill. 
  • X = Standard Melee attack, can be chained. 
  • LB + X = Power attack. Somewhat spammable. 

Combat Tactics:
  • LB+A --> LB+Y (Drop Kick to Finisher ) = This puppy is GREAT for new characters. Low stamina consumption and a FAST kill. Anybody can do this!
  • There are multiple states a zombie can be quick killed in. Prone, Hunched, and Crouched. Heavy weapons sometimes put enemies into the crouched position on their first few shots, making them excellent tools for powerhouse characters to use. 
  • If an ally is getting swarmed by zombies, get in there and help - FAST - Your priority is to disperse that crowd. Combat rolling into the group will bump them up a little bit. At that point you need to start eliminating zombies.
  • If you're in a confined space and can't see crap, GET OUT OF THE CONFINED SPACE. A Combat roll will get you where you need to go. 
  • If you are going to be facing more than 5 zombies at a time, and you HAVE to fight them, pop a snack and get to work. The snack will give you instant stamina regen for a small amount of time, giving you the extra energy you need to get the job done. While your stamina bar is highlighted, it will not deplete, so move fast. 
  • VS Screamers - They're the jerks with no arms. KILL FIRST. They'll alert hordes, so there is your incentive right there. They die relatively easy. You can suplex - flapjack them for an instant kill, as well. 
  • VS Ferals - Power attack the CRAP out of them , keep them staggered. If they stay staggered they can't do squat against you. Heavy Weapons work great for this. 
  • VS Exploders - Wave at them then combat roll as they explode, avoid the gas cloud. 
  • VS Big Guys - DODGE and Either Firebomb them, or get a car and drive over them. If you HAVE to melee them , power attack and dodge.