State of Decay Easy Morale Generation, Increasing Morale

Here is an easy way to generate and increase morale in State of Decay.
  1. Pick a base and place outposts on all the roads that lead to your base. Try to cover north, south, easy and west.
  2. When a horde mission comes up, don't run off and kill the horde, instead let the horde walk into the outpost zones and get killed by the traps.
  3. Each outpost trap kill gives you 10 morale.
If you find yourself with very low morale and not able to increase it, it is because you allowed too many infestations and other problems. The best way to keep morale high is be aggressive in this game. Set up outposts near your main base as soon as possible when you start out, and set up traps.

Continue to bring back supplies and taking care of infestations as soon as they come up, and your morale should stay high.

Have any other morale generation tips? Please post them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting!