State Of Decay How To Get Rid Of Useless Survivors

Here is a State Of Decay How To Get Rid Of Useless Survivors Guide , you how to get rid of useless survivors in your camp. You may need to clear space as you don't have enough beds or simply to get rid of the terrible survivors in exchange for recruiting experts. This guide shows you two ways to get rid of survivors from your camp quick and easy.

Getting rid of useless survivors hints and tips:
  • Sometimes you may have to get rid of useless survivors. This especially becomes the case once you start recruiting much more skillful expert survivors.
  • One way to get rid survivors is to switch to them, drop all of their items including their backpack into a supply locker in your base and then go outside and get them killed by zombies. Note that this lowers the overall camp morale.
  • Another way to get rid of survivors is to keep an eye on the relationship and morale missions in your group. People will occasionally get sad, angry or depressed and it's up to you to take action. Normally to improve their mood, you would take them out to kill zombies and gain trust or if you're using a character who has leadership skills, you can opt to expel that survivor from the camp. You lose morale when you do this as well.
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