State Of Decay How To Recruit Neighbors Guide

  • Neighbors are other groups of survivors who live in the area and are surviving in the area but not specifically with you. 
  • Neighbors have their own supply lockers and survivor camps.
  • It is possible to become friends with and recruit neighbors so they will join your camp.
  • First you must progress far enough in the game for neighbors to appear.
  • When you first get reports of new neighbors, you will have to do a basic mission for them to establish a relationship.
  • You will have to rescue them from zombies and their camp will be discovered.
  • Once you discover a neighbor camp, you will see a trust bar whenever you head to that area. 
  • Unlike regular survivors, you need to fill up the group trust bar to become friends with neighbors.
  • One way to do this is to do quests from the neighbors of your choice.
  • Neighbors will sometimes call on you to help clear an infestation. This is one of the best ways  to gain friendship points from them. (tip: Use molitovs for clearing infestations easily!)
  • Another way to gain trust with neighbors is to visit their hideout and board up their windows. To board up a window walk up to it, then press and hold Y.
  • You can also access their supply locker and give them food, ammunition and stockpiles of weapons, this will earn you trust points and make them your friends quicker.

Part 2:

Here is a State of Decay How To Recruit Neighbors Guide that shows you where to find neighbors and also how to recruit them fast and easy. Neighbors are usually more talented and more powerful than regular survivors but they are harder to recruit. This guide will make the neighbor recruitment process simple so you can reap the rewards quicker! Guide submitted by LetsPlayCatGaming.

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