State of Decay Infestations Guide

Here is a State of Decay Infestations Guide that teaches you how to clear infestations fast and easy, as well as some notes on Special Zombies. Guide submitted by LetsPlayCatGaming.

Some infestation clearing tips:
  • Bring some molitovs with you, they will be very helpful for clearing infestations.
  • When you arrive at the infested building, try to sneak in quietly and find the large group of zeds grouped up, then throw your molitov.
  • You can also try using a vehicle and honking your horn until a bunch of the zombies run out, then run them over. This doesn't always work though.
  • It's best to clear infestations often because not doing so causes problems with your survivors.
If you would like to submit your own hints or tips for State of Decay please post a comment below. Thanks for your contributions.